AFZS-CG                                                                                       10 Sep 01                                                                         


SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #1, Open Door Policy


1.  A commandís ability to efficiently identify and satisfactorily resolve problems is vital to mission accomplishment. Meaningful, two-way communication is essential to taking care of people and to proper performance of our duties.   The supervisory and unit chains-of-command are indispensable components for sharing information.  Leaders at all levels must be available and willing to listen.  When properly used, a chain-of-command can solve problems quickly and at the lowest appropriate level.

 2.  I'm interested in any issue that concerns the morale, operation, mission accomplishment, and care of this organization and its people.  Because our soldiers, family members, and civilian employees play an important role in how this command functions, it is vital that I have an Open Door policy that encourages all concerned to communicate important and timely information to me or to seek necessary guidance from me. 

 3.  This Open Door policy is not meant to conflict with similar subordinate command programs which should generally be used first.  However, issues that cannot be resolved at a lower level, despite genuine good faith attempt to fix them, can be brought to my attention.  I will be interested in knowing what has previously been done to solve a problem, and will gladly do what is appropriate and feasible at my level to assist.  All enlisted personnel will contact the Division Command Sergeant Major for an appointment.

 4.  Use of this Open Door policy and program is not appropriate to address cases or issues being processed in separate, specific administrative or disciplinary channels designed to resolve the matter (e.g., the court-martial process or civilian employee misconduct procedures).  Those systems must be allowed to run their normal course as determined by controlling directives. 

 5.  I will not tolerate retribution of any kind against a soldier, civilian, or family member who chooses to use the open door or who chooses to seek assistance from the inspector general, equal opportunity officer, union representative, or anyone else who is in the business of helping our soldiers and civilians.

 6.  A copy of this policy memorandum will be posted on all unit bulletin boards and maintained in unit files.




                                                                            ORIGINAL SIGNED

                                                                           F. L. HAGENBECK

                                                                           Major General, USA






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