AFZS-CG                                                                                    28 Apr 99                                                                                                 


 SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #3, Equal Opportunity (EO)


 1.  Reference.  AR 600-20 (Interim Change 4).

 2.  Commanders, leaders, and supervisors must establish and sustain a climate that fosters human dignity, fairness, and respect for individual goals and aspirations while eliminating attitudes, behaviors, and practices that impact adversely on unit cohesiveness.  I will not tolerate discrimination or sexual harassment - every allegation will be investigated and appropriate action will be taken based on the individual merits of each allegation. 

3.      I am the Equal Opportunity Officer for the 10th Mountain Division and Fort Drum.  Every commander is the Equal Opportunity Officer for his/her unit or organization.  Commanders will:

    a.    Inform their subordinates of the high standard of conduct they expect.  Take prompt and appropriate action when incidents of discrimination or sexual harassment occur or are alleged to occur. Make sure that feedback is provided to soldiers who make a complaint or inquiry.

     b.    Conduct 2 hours of EO training quarterly.  Ensure all soldiers, to include officers and NCOs, attend training.  Training should be conducted in small, demographically diverse groups. Dialogue is key to successful training.

     c.     Conduct a unit climate assessment within 90 days of assuming company command.  This assessment can be done using Military Equal Opportunity Climate Survey (MEOCS), Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 600-69, Unit Climate Profile: Commanderís Handbook, or other survey instruments.  All unit climate assessments will be conducted by an outside agency; i.e., EO or IG. Once completed, develop proactive programs to make corrective action or sustain success.

4.  I remind you of your responsibility to pursue all reports of EO abuses.  I expect everyone at Fort Drum to be committed and attentive to safeguarding the legitimate rights and aspirations of every individual. 




                                        JAMES L. CAMPBELL

                                                                           Major General, USA




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