AFZS-CG                                                                             28 September 2001




SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #16, Extremist Organizations


1.  The Army’s core values include respect for the dignity of each person.  This respect is essential if we are to live, train, and fight together as a team.  Ultimately, our lives depend upon this teamwork.  The views of extremist organizations are contrary to our values and to the teamwork demanded by our profession.

 2.  Participation in extremist organizations and activities destroys trust and teamwork and interferes with unit cohesion and mission accomplishment.  It is inconsistent with the responsibilities of military service and is prohibited.  Leaders must educate our soldiers on this policy and enforce it uniformly and unequivocally.  If a soldier is suspected of participating in an extremist organization or activity, at a minimum, he or she must be counseled in writing, advised of the Army policy, and ordered not to participate. 

3.  Prohibited participation in extremist organizations includes participating in a public rally, attending meetings, recruiting members, raising funds for the organization, distributing literature, taking a leadership role, and displaying symbols of the organization.  Penalties for violations of these prohibitions may include criminal action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and administrative action under Army regulations.  Each case will be decided on its own merits.  Any questions about what is an extremist organization or activity as well as about preparing disciplinary or administrative actions should be addressed to the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.

 4.  We all must be vigilant for the signs of extremist or gang activity.  Education, leadership, and swift and decisive action to terminate any such activity are necessary to ensure our soldiers live, train, and fight together as a team.




                                                                ORIGINAL SIGNED

                                                                        F. L. HAGENBECK

                                                                        Major General, USA






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