AFZS-EO  (600-20)                                                                    15 March 2001



SUBJECT:  Policy Memorandum #47, Consideration of Others (CO2) Program

 1.  References:

     a.  DA Message, Washington, D.C., DAPE-HR-L, 6 October 1997, subject:  Consideration of Others Program.

     b.       AR 600-20, Army Command Policy, 15 July 1999.

 c.       DA Consideration of Others Handbook, 1 March 1998.

     d.   CSA Directive, Dignity and Respect, 21 July 2000.

 2.  Purpose.  To provide guidance, define requirements, establish/standardize functions, and assign responsibilities for the CO2 Programs in 10TH Mtn Div units.

 3.  General:

     a.  The purpose of this program is to foster and maintain an environment of dignity and respect throughout the units of 10TH Mtn Div.  I want to ensure that we maintain the appropriate emphasis in this important area.  To that end, within the next 4 months, all commanders will review, develop, and fully implement their CO2 Program.

     b.  The CO2 Program is simply another tool for commanders and leaders to use in reinforcing our Army values and combat readiness.  Commanders can obtain information on the CO2 Program through the World Wide Web at, or through the “MDW” link on the Army home page.  Additionally, the Division Equal Opportunity (EO) office has information to assist commanders in their program development, as do each of the Brigade EO Advisors.

     c.  The Chief of Staff of the Army has directed that Equal Opportunity Advisors (EOAs) at brigade and division levels be the proponents for this program.

 4.  Policy.  The Division is committed to providing equal opportunity and fair treatment for all soldiers, civilians, and family members of the 10TH Mtn Div.  Under no circumstances will any form of harassment, profanity, verbal abuse, prejudice, discrimination, or any other type of offensive behavior directed toward our soldiers, their family members, or the civilian workforce be tolerated.  Behavior that degrades or purposely offends others is incompatible with mission success.  Offensive behavior destroys unit morale, trust, and mutual respect, and it reduces combat effectiveness.   

 5.  Training:

     a.  Facilitator Training: Each company-level unit will maintain a minimum of two trained small group facilitators.  Typically, the unit Equal Opportunity Representative (EOR) will be one of these small group facilitators, as they now receive facilitator training during installation EOR courses.  These facilitators will be selected by the commander based on demonstrated leadership abilities, active support for EO, oral and written communication skills, ability to interact within a small group, and potential to facilitate objective and impartial discussions.  The Division EO will conduct quarterly CO2 facilitator courses to train these individuals.  Additionally, brigade EOAs will conduct CO2 train-the-trainer instruction for unit EORs who attended installation EOR courses before the addition in Fall 2000 of facilitator training.  

     b.  Unit Training: CO2 training (which encompasses required sexual harassment and EO training) will be conducted on a quarterly basis.  Training should be interactive, small group (15-30), and discussion based.  Suggested lesson plans are found in the Department of the Army CO2 Handbook, and the titles of the lessons are enclosed.  All training will be scheduled on unit training calendars, and units will keep attendance records for 2 years.  A subject matter expert may be brought in to assist in group discussions and education on issues.

 6.  Responsibilities:

     a.  Division Equal Opportunity Officer:

        (1)  Serve as overall proponent for CO2 programs for 10th Mtn Div and  Fort Drum.

 (2)     Conduct installation/division facilitator courses.

 b.  Commanders:

         (1)  Develop and fully implement CO2 programs at brigade/separate unit level NLT 15 July 2001.  Formulate overall plans and policies governing the development and administration of the CO2 program.

         (2)  Ensure unit assessment surveys for companies, batteries, troops, and detachments are conducted within 90 days of change of command and annually thereafter.  

        (3)  Ensure brigade EOAs and unit EORs who have not received facilitator training attend division/installation EO train-the-trainer instruction.

         (4)  Ensure that each company-size unit has two trained small group facilitators.  

        (5)  Conduct executive seminars at brigade level and higher semiannually in accordance with AR 600-20.

         (6)  Review and assess unit CO2 programs annually, and visit and evaluate unit CO2 training programs.     

         (7)  Ensure CO2 training is reflected on training schedules and Quarterly Training Briefs at all levels.



Encl                                                                  JAMES L. CAMPBELL

                                                                          Major General, USA







CO2 Recommended Lesson Plans


Lesson Plan 1           Alcohol and Drug Abuse


Lesson Plan 2           Cold and Hot Weather Injuries


Lesson Plan 3           Communications Process


Lesson Plan 4           Conflict Management


Lesson Plan 5           Cultural Diversity


Lesson Plan 6           “The Drink”


Lesson Plan 7           Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures


Lesson Plan 8           Identify Extremism and Extremist Organizations


Lesson Plan 9           Group Development Theory


Lesson Plan 10          HIV and Safe Sex Practices


Lesson Plan 11          “The Medal – CPL Mitchell Red Cloud, Jr.”


Lesson Plan 12          Prevention of Sexual Harassment


Lesson Plan 13          Professional Ethics


Lesson Plan 14          Racism and Sexism


Lesson Plan 15          Religious Accommodation


Lesson Plan 16          “They Would Have Issued You One”


Lesson Plan 17          Value, Attitudes, Behaviors, and Self-Awareness



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