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10th Division Training


 The Division equal opportunity office at FT Drum assist commanders by providing quarterly the Equal Opportunity Representative Course.  EORs serve a special duty at small unit level. Commanders must appoint EORs in their units who are members of the chain of command in the rank of SSG through 1LT.  Brigade or higher headquarters’ EOAs are available to train unit EORs using the 80 hour Training Support Package (TSP) published by the EO Proponency Office, Soldier Support Institute. 

The intent of this training is to give the commanders and first sergeants an outline of the responsibilities of the EOAs and EORs assigned to their command to better support mission readiness.   Additionally, this forum provide a refresher course for the commanders and first sergeant on the polices and responsibility of their assigned position.

This Consideration of Others Handbook has been developed for commanders as a tool to help them build unit cohesion and to provide assistance with the complex task of leading soldiers. This vital task must be done well if we are to fulfill our primary mission: to fight and win the Nation’s wars.

Homosexual Policy All officers and enlisted personnel of the Active Army and Reserve Components will receive briefings upon entry and periodically thereafter with a detailed explanation of regulations governing sexual conduct by members of the Armed Forces. Briefings will include policies on homosexual conduct and applicable laws in accordance with section 654 of Title 10, United States Code and Article 137, Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).  The Division Equal opportunity Office provide newly assigned soldier to FT Drum this briefing during in processing.