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Please Remember That if you have had medpros training  you need to have read and write privileges. It is your responsibility to make sure you have access. Anyone that was in the Nov 04 refresher class needs to contact Mrs. Biermen at 2975 to schedule hands on training. The toll free helpdesk number to Medpros is 888-849-4341

We are sending this to inform everyone of two new capabilities in the MEDPROS Web Reporting Modules.

1.  The ability to put a future date on the Immunization Profile module in MEDPROS so the resulting roster will project those shots that will be overdue by the time the soldiers are scheduled to deploy (in lieu of always defaulting to today’s date).   A pop up window will appear before the users see the rosters warning them that not everyone who appears overdue on the subsequent roster (red print with single asterisk) is due their immunizations now, but will be due by the deployment date entered.   This warning will also appear at the bottom of the reports on the first line of the Report Definitions titled “IMPORTANT NOTE”.

2.  On the Medical Readiness Module, the ability to select only the AGR personnel assigned to a UIC (for Reserve and Guard units primarily) by adding Active Guard (AGR) and Active Reserve (AGR) choices to the personnel type drop down menus (only available on the Medical Readiness module now, may expand to other modules later).

We hope these new changes make your jobs a little easier and provide you with better decision making information while preparing your soldiers for deployments or viewing their readiness status.

Jim Pruett

MEDPROS Functional & MRC Team Lead



Users can access MEDPROS for read only or read/write capability.  Individuals that only require read only access can request a logon and password from the MEDPROS home page at  Users requiring read/write access must have, at a minimum, a favorable National Agency Check and complete the NISA 9R form available on the MODS homepage. 

The Medical Protection System (MEDPROS) is designed to provide the Commander with a real time, worldwide operational system to manage the medical readiness and deployability for their organization.  MEDPROS tracks the Department of Defense Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) requirements.  MEDPROS provides commanders and functional staffs with comprehensive self-contained reports to assess the medical readiness for their unit or each soldier as well as project resource requirements. 

MEDPROS tracks the following IMR requirements:


DNA and HIV status

Dental Readiness

Periodic Physicals

Medical and Limited Duty Profiles

Non-Deployable Medical Profiles

Occupational Protection and Equipment status

Men and women health issues

MEDPROS provides Commanders the capability to assess the medical readiness status of their unit based on 20 established the immunization profiles for various regions of the world.  Medical personnel can define unique profiles to meet mission or deployment IMR requirements.  


MEDPROS provides executive, unit, and individual level medical readiness and Immunizations reports.  The summary and detailed reports provide Unit Commanders and AMEDD leadership with a real time readiness and deployability status for personnel as well as units.  The MEDPROS reports are color coded as red, amber, and green to provide the Command with an immediate glance as to the readiness of the unit.  Each MEDPROS report contains a legend that clearly defines each item on the report.  Users can print the IMR and immunization reports for posting in the medical file and in the DD Form 2766, Medical Deployment Record.  

Data Management

MEDPROS provides multiple methods to input and update IMR data.  Users can use the mainframe, web, or the Remote Information Data Entry System – Enhanced (RIDES-E).  Users will require limited training to ensure they understand the functionality of MEDPROS and the data is accurate and valid.  Some data is provided by other authoritative sources, such as HIV and DNA data is provided the corresponding lab.