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Study Guides

 Study Guides

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91W 10-50 Skill level

EMT Refresher Curriculum

Cardiac Arrest

Upper Airway Adjuncts And Suction

Traction Splint

Long Bone Injury

Bag Valve Mask

Trauma Assessment

Medical Assessment

Ventilatory Management Endotracheal Intubation

Mouth to Mask with Supplemental Oxygen

Oxygen Administration


Study Guide TB's

Storage, Preservation Packaging and Packing

Area Dental Laboratory Prosthodontic Service

Sterilizing Medical, Surgical, Dental, And Veterinary Materiel

Warning Tag For Medical Oxygen Equipment

Recording Dental Examinations, Diagnoses and Treatments

Medical Service Identification of Inspection Foods

Disinfection and Sterilization of Instruments and Materials

Preparation of Medical Materiel Requiring Freeze or Chill Environment

Pseudofolliculitis of the beard and acne Keloidalis Nuchae

Medical Problems of Man at High Terrestrial Elevations

Aermedical Evacuation Guide for Heath care Providers

Procedures for Medico legal Examinations in Alleged  Sex Crimes

Techniques for Detection of Exposure to Sulfur Mustard

DOD Human-Animal Bond Principles and Guidelines

Occupational and Environmental Health

Heat Stress Control and Heat Casualty Management

Spirometry in Occupational Health Surveillance

Control and Evaluation of Occupational Exposure to Waste

Control and Evaluation of Asbestos Exposure

Diagnostic, Therapeutic, and Medical Research X-Ray Systems

Health Hazards From Protective Material used in Self-Luminous Devices

Occupational and Environmental Health Food Sanitation

Sanitary Control and Surveillance of Field Water Supplies

Red Blood Cell-Cholinesterase Test and Quality Assurance

Maintenance Expenditure Limits For Medical Materiel

Operating Guide for Medical Equipment Maintenance

Cold Weather Injury