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What is an MEB?

An MEB is a medical evaluation board that can discharge a Soldier from the Army due to injury or illness.

Who decides when a Soldier goes to the Warrior Transition Unit (formerly Medical Hold Company)?

That decision is up to the company commander. He/she can either request the Soldier go or stay in the company.

What is the purpose of the Warrior Transition Unit?

To allow Soldiers to have the maximum opportunity to recover from their injuries so they may return to a regular unit or to assist them in their transition from the Army to civilian life.

How is the MEB process initiated?

An MEB packet must be filled out and sent to the division surgeon office. For information on MEB packets, click medical packet information.

What is an MMRB?

An MMRB is a medical MOS review board that can recommend the Soldier stays in his/her MOS; recommend a new MOS; or be recommended for an MEB.

Do all Soldiers go through the MMRB?

No, only Soldiers who are recommended for MEB can go into the Warrior Transition Unit.