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Fully Medically Ready – FMR
 Tips on Keeping Your Unit Stats in the Green


  Your Ambers need Physical Exams (PE’s), and your names listed in black are unknowns.  4th BDE has already tasked soldiers to go screen the records of the soldiers listed in black (Good Move).  Be advised, you must use a medical asset to screen the records for Hippa reasons. 

    This is a great way to get ahead of the crunch.  Once they screen the records and determine whether or not they have or haven’t had a PE this needs to be put into Medpros.  No one is authorized to input PE information except the folks at the Soldier Support BN (Clark Hall).  So, if you have 20 personnel who were listed in black, but it turned out they had a current PE, you can put their names, SSN, and Pulhes on one Memo and send it to SSG Andrade or Mrs. Byrd at the SSB.   Their numbers are 4903/6461/or 5631.  I’d check with them to make sure you don’t need anything else before going through the motions.


This is a must do.  I’m not in your lane; I’m merely addressing what is to come.  It’s going benefit you greatly to make this happen – time now.

MEDPROS Database

EMILPO database populates the personnel in your unit in MEDPROS.  In other words, when you go into MEDPROS and look under your UIC everyone listed should be in your unit, and everyone in your unit should be in MEDPROS.  If this is not the case, then get your S-1 to update EMILPO.  If EMILPO is not accurate, your MEDPROS reports won’t be accurate either.
Ensure that your unit MEDPROS data entry personnel update/validate your Unit Medical Status monthly in MEDPROS prior to USR submission.  This will ensure that FMR reported on USR is the most current information.
Unit Medical Status Report
FMR:  uses eight medical areas to compute your units medical readiness.  These areas are as follows:
MND (Medical Non-deployable Profile) – Soldiers who cannot deploy due to profile.  Must not have MND to be FMR.
NOT PRG (Not Pregnant) – only counts the numbers of females in unit and how many are pregnant; Must not be pregnant to be FMR.
DNA – Soldiers’ DNA must be on file to be FMR for DNA.
DEN (Dental) – Either Category 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Must be category 1 or 2 to be FMR.
HIV – HIV test date; must have current HIV within two years to be FMR for HIV
IMM (Immunizations) – Soldiers must have at least the following two immunizations to be FMR for immunizations:
Td (Tetanus/Diphtheria)
Hepatitis A
NO LPD (No Limited Duty Profile) – Soldiers who have Profile limiting duty.  Must not have LPD to be FMR.
CPE (Current Physical Exam) – Soldiers’ Physical Exam date; must be current to be FMR for CPE.
Percent FMR – This figure computes the number of FMR soldiers compared to the number of soldiers in the unit.  Soldiers must be green in all eight areas listed above to be FMR.  Therefore, the formula listed below is used to compute FMR: % FMR = (#FMR / #Soldiers) x 100