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Field Sanitation Team Training Letter of Instruction


Brigade Level Preventive Medicine Team

10th Mountain Division (LI)

Fort Drum, NY 13601

                                                                                                                                                                                       27 MAR 05


SUBJECT:  Field Sanitation Team Training Letter of Instruction

1.  The Brigade Level Preventive Medicine Team offers the Field Sanitation Team Certification Training at the Preventive Medicine Center (BLDG T-373). The Class will start daily at 0930 and end at 1645.  Please note, however, that on the first day of training (Monday) class will begin at 0900 to accomplish in processing.  Also, those soldiers who ride busses home at night (i.e. Syracuse) will be allowed to leave early.  A copy of the class calendar and schedule is enclosed (see encls 1 and 2).


2.  IAW FM 4-25.12, Unit Field Sanitation Team, each company is required to have a FST consisting of two soldiers, one of whom must be a NCO when organic medical personnel are not available.  If available, one member should be a medic (91W) and act as the team leader.  Furthermore, appointed FST members should be expected to have ample time to perform  the FST mission in the field.


3.  TO REQUEST A SEAT FOR THIS CLASS, battalion training NCOs should send a memorandum thru the Brigade Schools NCO and Division Schools NCO to the field sanitation training center with the following information: Name, Rank, Unit, SSN. MOS, and PCS/ETS Date.. Candidates must be exempted from any type of duties or appointments for the duration of the Field Sanitation Team course. Soldiers attending the Field Sanitation Team Training Course will not be allowed to miss more than 2 hours of instruction. Seats are limited to 30 personnel per class. Soldiers will not be accepted to the class solely on basis of promotion points.


4.  All Students will bring a copy of their completed, signed appointment orders (see encl 3) to the first day of class. Soldiers must have a minimum of 6 months retainability with their unit.


5.  Students must attend the entire course to receive their certificate of training


6.  There will be daily quizzes, hands on training, small student group presentations, and a final exam. Students must achieve an average of 70% or above to receive their certificate of training. 


7.  Uniform for the class will be BDUs. For the hands on training, students will need to bring their pistol belt, canteen and a canteen cup.


8.  POC for this memorandum is CPT Scott Vial or CPT Jessica Grembi at 2-8165






                                                                                    SCOTT VIAL

                                                                                    CPT, MS

                                                                                    B CO, 10 SBTB