Cantonment Area Road conditions: Amber as of 2/12/2018 11:51 AM Reporting Status: Normal
Training Area Road conditions: Red as of 2/12/2018 4:14 AM Frost bite temperature: 25 as of 2/18/2018 05:08 AM

Inspector General

 IG Phone listings

315-772-5492Inspector General
315-772-5492Deputy IG
315-772-6721Chief of Inspections
315-772-6494Chief of Assistance & Investigations
315-772-6722IG NCOIC
315-772-2266Assistant IG
315-772-5493Assistant IG
315-772-9500Assistant IG
315-772-5491Assistant IG
315-772-6723Assistant IG
315-772-9082Assistant IG

Buildings 427A & 427B

MISSION:  Provide the Commanding General, 10th MTN DIV (LI) and Fort Drum, a continuing assessment of matters relating to the state of Economy, Efficiency, Discipline, Morale, Esprit de Corps, and Readiness of Units and Activities assigned to this installation.


The Inspector General has four major functions:

1. Assistance

2. Inspections

3. Inquiries and Investigations

4. Teaching and Training


Contacting the 10th Mountain Division IG is a right that all soldiers, family members, and civilians have. If you feel the IG needs to be aware of an issue or if you just have a question that you would like the IG to answer, please contact the office. Before you contact your IG, however, there are a few fundamental things that you should know. Please read the    Inspector General Checklist first..

You may also EMAIL any IG concerns to: