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Our Mission

10th SBDE, 10th STB, on order, rapidly deploys world-wide to provide command and control and combat logistics and support to organic, assigned, and attached units of the Sustainment Brigade.

33rd FMCO Commander

  • MAJ Alicia R. Henry

33rd FMCO First Sergeant

  • 1SG Darrell L. Baxter

33rd Financial Management Company's Mission

The 33rd Financial Management Company conducts area financial management support operations for the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and other supported organizations, o/o deploys forces to conduct area financial management operations worldwide.

Points of Contact Phone  References
Chief, Finance Operations 772-3525 AR 600-4 – Remission or Cancellation of Indebtedness for Enlisted Members
Finance Operations NCO 772-0962 AR 600-8-10 – Leaves and Passes 
Disbursing Officer 772-5138 AR 600-8-105 – Military Orders 
Military Pay NCO 772-5529 DA PAM 600-8 – Management and Administrative Procedures 
Customer Service Inquiries 772-5529 DA PAM 600-8-21 – Soldier Application Program

In Processing NCO 772-7242

DOD FMR Volume 5 – Disbursing 
Out Processing/Separations NCO 772-6604 DOD FMR Volume 7A – Military Pay Policy and Procedures – Active Duty and Reserve Pay 
Support Operations/SRC/Reserve Pay 772- 0214 DOD FMR Volume 7B – Military Pay Policy and Procedures – Retired Pay 
In Processing 772-5421 DFAS-IN 37-1 – Finance Policy Implementation 
Transitions 772-7789 JFTR – Joint Federal Travel Regulation 
Retirements 772-7789
PCS Travel & DITY 772-3525


Responsibilities Finance Information Papers
Educate PAC/S-1 and Soldiers Deployment Entitlements
Provide NPA & LES to units for distribution eW2 
Provide UCFRs for commander's review and certification Redeployment Procedures 
Provide DROT's and Unit Leave Reports for review   TSP Catch Up 
Input pay changes received through unit PAC/S-1 accurately and timely  Savings Deposit Program
Provide finance support  Tax Information for Deployed Soldiers 
Maintain flexible hours of operations    

TDY Travel Vouchers - Mail To:  Pay Inquiries
Box 934600
2500 Leahy Ave.
Orlando, FL 32893-4600
Telephone Inquires 1-800-950-9784
DSN 791-4248, 791-4493, 791-4459
Documentation may be faxed to Finance at
(315) 772-7446

myPay (by Internet)
IVRS (by phone)*

Pay Services

Thrift Savings Plan


 Links Pay Information  Additional Pay Information
 Military Pay Rates  DODs Dollars and Sense Guide
 Civilian Pay Rates  Personal Financial Readiness
 Basic Housing Allowances  Savings Bonds Web Site
 Overseas Housing Allowances  Garnishments
 Dislocation Allowances  
 US Cost of Living Allowances  
 Overseas Cost of Living Allowances  
 US Per Diem Rates  
 Overseas Per Diem Rates  
 Mileage Rates  

Emergency Information
Emergency situations after duty hours may be addressed by contacting the 10th SBDE SDO: 315-772-8254.

The Fort Drum Defense Military Pay Office mailing address is as follows:
10th Soldier Support Battalion P-10720 Mount Belvedere
Fort Drum, NY 13602-5104