Reporting Status: Normal Wet bulb heat category: White as of 8/14/2017 04:39 PM Fire danger rating: Blue as of 1/10/2017 03:03 AM

Staff Directory

Our Mission

10th SBTB, on order, rapidly deploys world-wide to provide command and control and combat logistics and support to organic, assigned, and attached units of the Sustainment Brigade

Battalion Contact list

BN Commander: 772-9803
BN CSM: 772-3417
BN XO: 772-9828
BN Chaplain: 772-6504
BN Staff Duty: 772-6853
S-1 OIC: 772-6602
NCOIC: 772-9852
S-3 OIC: 772-3500
NCOIC: 772-0520
S-4 OIC: 772-9868
NCOIC: 772-0524
HHC Commander: 772-6808
HHC First Sergeant: 772-4461
Signal Commander: 772-1190
Signal First Sereant: 772-1503
Medical Commander: 772-2360
Medical First Sergeant: 772-2361
Finance Commander: 772-4281
Finance First Sergeant: 772-8521