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7th Engineer Battalion Unit Crest

7th Engineer Battalion Crest


Black & White: The old colors of the engineer corps.

7-Sided Shield: Recalls the Battalion’s service during WWI from 2-6 November 1918 when the battalion was called upon to prove itself on seven separate occasions during the Meuse-Argonne campaign.

Anchor & Crossed Oars: Recalls the Civil War service of the 1st Engineer Battalion, the parent unit of the 7th Engineers.  This represents the badge of the Engineers and Pontoniers of the Army of the Potomac.

Red Cross: Symbolic representation of the battalion's river crossings and also the device of the Lords of Dun to commemorate the crossing of the Meuse River in WWI near the town of Dun.

Bridge Bent: Symbolizes the work of the battalion.

Twin Crests: From the Arms of General Winfield Scott.  Represents the service of A Company, 1st Engineers in Mexico in 1846.