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10th BSB Unit History


 10th Brigade Support Battalion History


The unit was constituted during World War II in the Army of the United States as Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, 145th Quartermaster Battalion. It was activated 29 March 1944 at Camp Swift, Texas. On 6 November 1944, the unit was reorganized and redesignated as Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 10th Mountain Quartermaster Battalion, and assigned to the 10th Mountain Division.

The unit deployed to the European Theater in January 1945 and supported the Division throughout the Po Valley and Apennines Campaigns in Italy. The Division returned to the United States in August 1945 following victory in Europe and the battalion was inactivated at Camp Carson, Colorado on November 30, 1945.

In June of 1948, the unit was redesignated as the 10th Quartermaster Company, an element of the 10th Infantry Division, and was allotted to the Regular Army, activating 1 July 1948. For the next ten years, it supported the Division at Fort Riley, Kansas and in Germany as part of NATO forces. The unit returned to the United States and was inactivated 14 June 1958 at Fort Benning, Georgia.

On 1 April 1985, the unit was reactivated and redesignated as the 10th Supply and Transport Battalion. It was the first unit activated in the new 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) at Fort Drum, New York.

On 16 October 1991, the battalion was reorganized to provide multifunctional logistics. The redesignated 10th Support Battalion (Forward) was formed from elements of the 10th Supply and Transport Battalion, the 10th Medical Battalion, and the 710th Maintenance Battalion.

In September 1992, the battalion deployed to south Florida to provide essential services to victims of Hurricane Andrew. The battalion deployed with 1st Brigade to Somalia in April 1993 for Operation RESTORE HOPE, where it was awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for its mission performance. On 19 September 1994, 10th Forward Support Battalion became the only FSB in the US Army to air assault from the deck of an aircraft carrier, the USS Eisenhower , along with 1st Brigade into Port-au-Prince, Haiti for Operation UPHOLD DEMOCRACY. The battalion provided combat service support to 1st Brigade and base security at Bowen Airfield until it returned to Fort Drum in January 1995. On 28 September 1995, the 10th Forward Support Battalion was inducted as a Distinguished Unit of the Quartermaster Regiment at Fort Lee, Virginia.

In August 2001, the 10th Forward Support Battalion task organized under Task Force Falcon, as the 10th Logistics Task Force, to support ongoing operations in the Multi-National Brigade (East), KFOR 3B, Kosovo, as part of Operation JOINT GUARDIAN.

In July 2003, the 10th Forward Support Battalion was deployed to Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM IV where it was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation. Upon redeployment back to Fort Drum, the unit was redesignated the 10th Brigade Support Battalion as part of the Army's Transformation.

In August 2005, the 10th Brigade Support Battalion was deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 05-07 for one year.

Most recently, 10th BSB was deployed to multiple areas throughout Afghanistan in support of OEF for 12 months.

The 10th Brigade Support Battalion's campaign participation credits were earned in the North Apennines and Po River Valley, both in Italy during World War II. The 10th Brigade Support Battalion decorations are the Joint Meritorious Unit Award and a campaign streamer embroidered RESTORE HOPE.