Reporting Status: normal
Road conditions: Green as of 6/5/2014 8:45 AM
Frost bite temperature: 40 as of 6/5/2014 08:47 AM

1-87 Phonebook

 1-87 Staff Directory

315-774-3774Staff Duty
315-772-3144S1 OIC
315-772-3144S1 NCOIC
315-774-2907S1 Staff
315-772-5104S2 OIC
315-772-1470S2 NCOIC
315-772-1796OPS SGM
315-774-3648Schools NCO
315-774-2928OPS NCO
315-772-6401Fire Effects OIC (FSO)
315-772-4353S4 OIC
315-772-4272S4 NCOIC
315-772-5980S6 OIC
315-774-2901S6 NCOIC
315-774-2896S6 Helpdesk
315-774-2896S6 NCO/IMO
315-774-3905Commo Chief
315-774-2939Re-Enlistment NCO
315-774-4585A Co CDR
315-774-4586A Co XO
315-774-4586A Co 1SG
315-774-4583A Co Training Room
315-774-4587A Co 1st PLT
315-774-4590A Co 2nd PLT
315-774-4589A Co 3rd PLT
315-774-4587A Co FSO
315-774-0734CQ 10322
315-774-4623B Co CDR
315-774-4622B Co XO
315-774-4635B Co 1SG
315-774-4639B Co 1st PLT
315-774-4631B Co 2nd PLT
315-774-4636B Co 3rd PLT
315-774-4640B Co HQ PLT
315-774-4632B Co Training Room
315-774-4603C Co CDR
315-774-4604C Co XO
315-774-4602C Co 1SG
315-774-4605C Co HQ PLT
315-774-4611C Co 1st PLT
315-774-4351C Co 2nd PLT
315-774-4615C Co 3rd PLT
315-774-4601C Co Training Room
315-774-4593D Co CDR
315-774-4595D Co XO
315-774-4594D Co 1SG
315-774-4600D Co 1st PLT
315-774-4599D Co 2nd PLT
315-774-4598D Co 3rd PLT
315-774-4597D Co 4th PLT
315-774-4592D Co Training Room
315-774-4597D Co Supply
315-774-4302F Co CDR
315-774-4300F Co XO
315-774-4301F Co 1SG
315-774-4303F Co Training Room
315-774-4582Food Service NCOIC
315-774-3884Maintenance MCS
315-774-0542HHC CDR
315-774-2504HHC XO
315-774-2491HHC 1SG
315-774-2453HHC Training Room
315-774-2352HHC Front Desk
315-774-4350Battalion Aid Station
315-774-4265HHC Supply
315-774-4264HHC Medics
315-774-4263HHC FIST
315-774-4261HHC Scouts
315-774-4262HHC Mortars
315-772-8738CQ 10214
315-774-3778Battalion FRSA