Cantonment Area Road conditions: Amber as of 2/12/2018 11:51 AM Reporting Status: Normal
Training Area Road conditions: Red as of 2/12/2018 4:14 AM Frost bite temperature: 10 as of 2/17/2018 03:56 AM

3-6 Field Artillery

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  3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery

  “Swift and Bold”

3rd Battalion 6th Field Artillery Insignia

On Order the 3rd Battalion, 6th Field Artillery deploys and conducts contingency and or stability and reconstruction operations providing fire support and or additional maneuver elements to the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), or other designated headquarters

A trained and disciplined battalion ready to accomplish its mission, that is recognized as an organization of excellence both professionally and ethically.

A known high-performance, adaptable, and lethal unit that routinely exceeds the maneuver force's fire support expectations. We are support professionals and ambassadors of the US Army where ever sent.

We are a team of families supported by a First Class Family Readiness Group of volunteers taking care of each other and treating all with dignity and respect.


Members of this battalion are members of the Profession of Arms; our principle task is warfighting. I envision: A battalion whose lives display duty, honor, integrity, loyalty, personal courage, respect, selfless service that provides timely and accurate fires in all environments which is led by aggressive leaders who march to the sound of the guns whose families are armed with the skills, strength, and resilience to endure deployment

Centaur 6