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20th ASOS

Unit Mission Statement

The 20 ASOS advises the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) on all aspects of air operations on the battlefield. They integrate air power into the Army scheme of maneuver. The squadron controls employment of allocated air assets on the battlefield to Army garrison and battlefield commanders. They coordinate and manage joint air operations with other service components and allied air forces.

Unit's History 
The 20th Air Support Operations Squadron was formed in 1986 and originally designated as Detachment 8, 507th Tactical Air Control Wing.  Detachment 8 was one of several Air Force Tactical Air Control Party units assigned to support various Army units, and was created coincident with the Army's reconstitution of the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) at Ft. Drum, New York.  Simultaneously with the formation of Detachment 8, the Air Weather Service formed Detachment 4, 5th Weather Squadron to provide weather observation and forecasting support to Ft Drum. 

In 1989, Detachment 8 was redesignated Detachment 6, 18th Air Support Operations Group.  1991, Detachment 4 came under the command of the 1st Weather Wing.  On 1 July 1994, both detachments were merged and renamed the 20th Air Support Operations Squadron, 18th Air Support Operations Group.  In 2008, the 20th ASOS and the 18th ASOG were realigned under the 93rd Air Ground Operations Wing, and the weather component of the squadron was moved out from under the command of the 20 ASOS, and became Det 1, 18th Weather Squadron.

Members of the squadron have deployed in support of several joint and combined operations, including Operation Just Cause (1989-90); Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-91); Hurricane Andrew Relief (1992); and Operation Restore Hope (1993).  The entire squadron deployed with the 10th Mountain Division in support of Operation Uphold Democracy (1994-95).  Since 1995, unit personnel have continued to deploy in support of Operation Southern Watch, Operation Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard and Operation Desert Fox.  The squadron has earned two Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards with valor.