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210th Brigade Support Battalion


Who are Providers? 

.       FORTES DEFENSORES VITAE - "Courageous Defenders of Life"  

.       The 210th BSB is a disciplined, cohesive, and combat ready team of teams composed of warrior logisticians who are physically fit, mentally tough, and spiritually sound. 


 What matters to Providers?  

.       CHARACTER  MATTERS: Do the right thing, always   

.       COMPETENCE MATTERS: Be all that you can be; do your best and get better everyday  

.       COMPASSION MATTERS: Treat others like you want to be treated


What do Providers do?  

.       We stand shoulder-to-shoulder together to train hard, maintain ourselves and our stuff, and PROVIDE the 'boots off our feet' and 'blood from our veins' to support the Commando Brigade anytime and anyplace