Reporting Status: Normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 9/23/2015 05:18 AM
Fire danger rating: Blue as of 5/2/2016 03:48 PM

2BCT Staff

 2BCT Phone Roster

315-774-2199BCT Staff Duty
315-772-7341BCT Commander
315-772-7345BCT Command Sergeant Major
315-772-7909BCT Deputy Commander
315-772-2768BCT Executive Officer
315-772-7344BCT S1
315-772-8307BCT S2
315-772-7909BCT S3
315-772-7397BCT S4
315-772-7349BCT S6
315-774-2992BCT Chaplain
315-772-3732BCT Family Readiness Support Advisor
315-772-5972BCT Public Affairs Officer
315-772-0687BCT Judge Advocate
315-772-5955BCT S7