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Chaplain's Corner

4-31 Unit Ministry Team

“Nurturing the living, caring for the wounded, and honoring the dead."

4-31IN Battalion Chaplain : CPT Charles Musula                           Cell: 708-655-0932        Office: 315-772-8085      

4-31IN Battalion Chaplain Assistant : SPC Adam Pagart                     Office: 315-772-8085            


General Information 

The UMT is available during regular work hours for counseling, religious support, and consultation for any walk ins. Emergencies are on a 24/7 basis. Marriages, marriage counseling, and baptisms are provided, please call or stop in for more information. The UMT also coordinates the use of religious facilities on post. The Chaplain will provide Pastoral Support for Red Cross Messages..     


Protection of Confidential Communication: Under no circumstances may a Chaplain or Chaplain Assistant disclose a confidential or privileged communication revealed in the practice of his/her ministry without the individual counselee’s informed consent. 

            -AR 165-1, Chaplain Activities in the United States Army

            -Military Rule of Evidence, section 503

            -Department of Defense Instruction 1304.19



-Chaplain: The Chaplain has overall responsibility for the religious needs of the Soldiers assigned to the Battalion, and the conduct of religious services in garrison. He and his shop are responsible for planning, overseeing religious support activities. The team also assists the Brigade’s team in the conduct of religious services and staffing of the Chapel.

-Chaplain Assistant: The Chaplain Assistant responsibilities consist of supporting the Chaplain and Battalion with resources for all religious activities; preparation and submittal of all paperwork related to the UMT; and coordination with Brigade and all Companies within the Battalion for support or attendance of religious activities. The Chaplain Assistant will oversee the physical security of the Chaplain, vehicle, and assigned equipment.

What this means for Soldiers: Any Soldier or family member can receive counseling and religious support for any problem or situation and have total confidence that any and everything they say will remain 100% private and confidential.