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2-87 Infantry Battalion







Catamount Creed


C- Competent Army Professionals

A- Always Ready: Physically + Mentally + Personally

T- Think First

A- Accomplish the Mission

M- Mentor and Make a Difference

O- Operations Orders and Troop Leading Procedures

U- Understand Commander's Intent

N- Never Quit

T- Teamwork: Take Care of Each Other and Our Families

S- Standards and Discipline






2-87 Infantry Regiment-THE CATAMOUNTS-A light infantry battalion of

confident, competent, and disciplined Army professionals who will always

accomplish the mission and "Conquer Men and Mountains" with righteousness

and honor.




Catamount 6 Priorities


#1- Reception, Integration, Re-Integration, and Transition of all Catamounts

 -Newest Soldiers, NCOs, and Officers are sponsored and welcomed

-Continue to help those who need assistance from OEF XI-XII

-PCS, ETS, Wounded Warriors, Retirements, Gold Star Families


#2- Training

-1st Quarter: Individual and Collective Team LFX

-2nd Quarter: JRTC Support Mission, Squad and Platoon LFX

-Readiness of ourselves and our families: individual, personal, family readiness


#3- Leader Development

-Army Schools, 10th Mountain Schools, NCOES, Assignment Shaping

-LPDs focus on Tactical Tasks required in that Quarter's training

-Professional Reading

-Preparing ourselves and each other, every day


2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment-THE CATAMOUNTS-trains to execute

combat operations NET 01MAY13 in support of worldwide contingency

expeditionary force requirements.


The Spartans are renowned to this day for their expert fighting skills and warrior prowess. Only the strong survived in the disciplined Spartan armies. Trained only for battle, a young soldier knew but one home -- his barracks, one family -- his unit. Physical training was the chief occupation, and each man's day was spent in exercise or on the drill-ground.