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Incidents of Interest


  • Unauthorized persons ask about Army forces, secrets, technologies, etc. in person or thru email.
  • Any known, suspected or contemplated acts of espionage, or physical attack, by any person or group.
  • If inappropriately searched, detained or questioned about your job while traveling in a foreign country, or have official documents stolen or confiscated
  • Contact with foreign military or intelligence personnel
  • Unauthorized intrusions or theft of a sensitive computer system
  • Deliberate security violations or compromises
  • Any domestic or international terrorist threats or suspicions
  • Discovery of technical surveillance device in sensitive areas
  • Any diversion or attempted diversion of U.S. technology to a foreign nation


  • Protect information and follow guidelines for handling classified information
  • Challenge requests for  sensitive information unless they have a need to know.
  • Stay alert. Recognize activities and situations that may be espionage.
  • Report any known, suspected or perceived acts of espionage or terrorism to the Fort Drum Field Office at (315) 774-2548, 1-800-CALL-SPY, the AKO iSALUTE, or REPORT AN INCIDENT.