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Army Field Support Battalion - Drum



Welcome to Army Field Support Battalion - Drum

Location: Building T-121.


History of the Army Field Support Battalion


  Army Field Support Battalion (AFSBn) came into being in June 2009 with the transfer of authority from the last 10th Logistics Assistance Office (LAO) Director, LTC Meo to the first Logistics Support Element Commander, LTC Bunch, to the first  Army Field Support Battalion Commander, COL Bopp.  Since the beginning as a LAO the Organization  has grown from 43 personnel to our current strength to more than 300 personnel including nearly a doubling of our contractor strength as the AFSBn fully developed the capabilities required to effectively fulfill our assigned missions. The heart of the AFSBn has been and continues to be the Logistics Assistance Representatives (LAR) assigned to the Army Life Cycle Management Commands (AMCOM, CECOM, TACOM, ASC) and attached to the LSE as the core of the Logistics Assistance Program (LAP). They are the critical Army Material Command logistics operators here in garrison and deployed in theater. The ASFBn established our first Brigade Logistics Support Team (BLST) in January 2007 while the 1st Brigade Combat Team (BCT) was completing reset and beginning its’ pre-deployment training. The appropriately designated 1st BLST was the first BLST to deploy from Fort Drum in September 2007 to support the Warrior BCT in Kirkuk, Iraq.  The next two BLSTs were stood up in March 2007 to support the 3rd BCT and the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade (CAB) The final BLST was stood up in September 2007 to support the 2nd BCT. The Left Behind Equipment (LBE) program has fully matured and during the past year it has executed Issue and turn ins. The LSE assumed operational control (OPCON) of selected Directorate of Logistics (DOL) functions in 2007 and that relationship has continued to develop with the entire DOL being OPCON to the AFSBn In OCT 2010. Throughout the past few years the AFSBn has continued to support the Global War on Terrorism deploying many of our LARs to theater while executing ARFORGEN (Army Force Generation) RESET and New Equipment Fielding/New Equipment Training (NET/NEF) missions here at home. Additionally we have had the support of the SARET-R (Small Arms Readiness Evaluation Team & Repair), CBERT (Chemical Biological Evaluation & Repair Team) and the CEER-T (Communications Electronics Evaluation & Repair Team) teams engaged in support of Fort Drum units executing the ARFORGEN process.