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About Fort Drum

 Drum Country, Community Outreach


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Getting Acquainted 

Named After Lt. Gen. Hugh A. Drum,
Commander, First Army, WWII

Pine Plains Training Area Established - 1907
Expanded, named Camp Drum - 1951
Redesignated Fort Drum - 1974
Home of 10th Mtn Div (LI) - 1984

Size - 107,265 acres (168 sq. mi.)
Largest employer in Northern NY
Family Housing Units - 3,671
Barracks Rooms - 7,900
Unaccomp./Single Soldier Apts - 192




Active Duty Military 19,605
Annual Payroll $973,775,901
Barracks Rooms 7,900
Single/Unaccompanied Soldier Apts. 192Family Members 19,810
School-Aged Children of Military Members 8,543
Family Housing Units 3,671Civilian Work Force 4,739
Annual Payroll $193,129,138Retirees Zip Code 136XX (All Branches) 2,262
Annual Payroll $43,332,000
Annual Economic Impact $1,505,857,420




10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry)

Major Units
1st Brigade Combat Team
2nd Brigade Combat Team
3rd Brigade Combat Team
4th Brigade Combat Team (Ft Polk, LA)
Combat Aviation Brigade
10th Sustainment Brigade

10th Mtn Div (LI) Deployments
Hurricane Andrew Relief, Fla.(92)
Operation Restore Hope, Somalia (92-94)
Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti (94-95)
Task Force Eagle, Kosovo (95-96)
Operation Enduring Freedom (01 - present)
Operation Iraqi Freedom (03 - present)



Community Interaction

Soldiers support community/school events
10th Mountain Division Band Performances
CG's Quarterly Community Ldrs Luncheon
DES Mutual Aid with local EMS agencies
Fort Drum Regional Liaison Organization
Regional Health Planning Organization
Fort Drum Education Liaison Committee
Army Family Covenant
Operation Yellow Ribbon Activities
Adopt-A-Unit Program
Community Planner
Project Strong Communities
Annual Air Show



Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I need to add some pizzazz to my presentation. What do you suggest?
A: Try downloading and adding a video segment. On this site you'll find a "generic" opening, segments on career (military and civilian opportunities), education, housing, recreation, healthcare and the "Drum Country" community.

Q. I need quick, relevant information about Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division? I am not going to have a lot of time - 10 minutes max.
A: Download and print off the appropriate number of tri-folds, pass them out and brief the accompanying slides.

Q. I have been tasked with presenting an all encompassing brief about Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division?
A: The core slide brief is what you need. It includes a lot of information about many facets of Fort Drum and the 10th Mountain Division. It's also updated quarterly so you're guaranteed to be briefing the same information as your commanders.

Q. I am supposed to brief "what it's actually like" to live in this area. I really like it, and know what my family really likes but I"m not sure that I can capture the whole area's worth of opportunities.
A: Looking for a quick brief about the Northern New York area? Download the Outreach brief and enhance it with the videos that will be most relevant to your audience! Talk about what you like and your experiences and you'll get your audience interested enough to do the more finite research on their own.


Need more information or guidance on how to use these tools? Need extra copies of the video or tri-folds? Call Fort Drum Public Affairs 315.772.5461 or email 


For more information on Fort Drum and the surrounding community please check out




Core slide brief
Tri-fold slides
Commander's policy