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Recent rental advertisements on Craigslist, and possibly elsewhere, have turned out to be scams. Be wary of advertisements for local rental properties posted by distant landlords. A recent scam requests that prospective tenants send a deposit by mail in exchange for a key to the property. Never send money to someone prior to verification that they are a legitimate landlord.



At the present time, the overall market vacancy rate in the local Fort Drum area is approximately 3-5%. Many of these vacancies consist of two-bedroom apartments, both older and new construction, which may be ideal for smaller Families. If your Family is seeking a larger home you may experience some difficulty finding an ideal rental as three, four and five bedroom apartments are not as readily available. In this case you should consider rentals further away from Fort Drum, but still within 30 minutes commuting distance or may wish to consider renting or purchasing a single Family home that will better meet additional bedroom requirements.

Family housing options for Fort Drum are growing with over 800 new homes being constructed off post and another 1,399 new homes on post. A 192-room apartment complex, The Timbers, is now available on post for single and unaccompanied senior enlisted Soldiers and officers. For more information go to

We are committed to making your tour at Fort Drum as pleasant as possible by helping you obtain adequate housing and providing assistance in renting or purchasing a home.

For more information on Army Housing throughout the world please visit

To find a local realtor in the Fort Drum area visit Yellow Book.

The Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes link is your connection to the application for Fort Drum housing, the wait list and all information pertaining to on post housing. For more information about on-post housing visit Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes at: 

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