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Customer Relationship Management

Housing Survey
Housing Survey is now available 


CRM is a customer relationship and feedback management process that empowers customers who derive support from installation based services, improves garrison-wide customer service and supplies leadership a useful tool for their use in prioritizing and focusing installation services based upon the Voice of the Customer. CRM uses a variety of tools to obtain the voice of the customer through the following ways:

Customer Assessments

Customer assessments are periodically conducted to provide further understanding of customer perspectives.

Community FIRST

Community FIRST (Feedback, Issues, Resolutions, Solutions, Today) is a quarterly issue and resolution process designed to provide continuous feedback to the Fort Drum community on issues that cannot be resolved by ICE.


The Interactive Customer Evaluation is your direct link to any Fort Drum service area. This is your chance to let us know how we are doing or to say thanks for a job well done. Log on to ICE at to submit a comment.

Commanding General’s Hotline (315) 772-6666

The CG’s Hotline is available to Soldiers, Family members and Civilians who feel they have exhausted their options with their chain of command and other resolution avenues in solving problems within the Fort Drum community. Concerns and problems will be worked by the Customer Relationship Management Office with the goal of providing a resolution within three business days.

For more information about CRM programs or other customer-service concerns, call (315) 772-9970.