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Customer Sevice (315) 772- 6515

MICC FORT DRUM MISSION:    The MICC Fort Drum’s mission is to provide timely, professional, cost-effective contracting support and services to our customers in support of Fort Drum’s ARFORGEN Cycle,  providing quality contracting support for the mission, Soldiers and their families.  We do that by providing our customers with sound business advice, effective oversight of mission and installation contracting, acquisition management and career program management for FORSCOM, MEDDAC, IMCOM, and other tenant Fort Drum customers designated as customers by HQs MICC.

MICC FORT DRUM Vision: The MICC Fort Drum functions as an integral and indispensable partner in accomplishing the Fort Drum’s mission through contracted materiel, construction and service solutions.


    For Small Business questions at MICC-Fort Drum, call (315) 772-9909 or use the contact form at                        

   If you have any questions or suggestions for this web page, please contact the Support Division  (315) 772-9909