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Government Purchase Card


925th Contingency Contracting Battalion and MICC Fort Drum



Last Updated 27 October 2014

Building T-45

West Street, Fort Drum NY

Hours of Operating: 6:30am - 4:00pm Monday through Friday 



When driving towards old post take a Right when you reach Nash Blvd.  Follow Nash to West Street, it’s the last Right before the Black River Gate.  Turn Right on to West Street and the GPC Office is the 3rd Building on the Right, building T45.



Ramona Lacey-Gonzalez – 772-6517 Agency/ Organization Program Coordinator (A/OPC)

CPT Robert Dallas - 772-9905 Officer in Charge

Norma Brennan – 772-9907 Account Manager



Local GPC Training (Annual) – Study the Local Training Slides, then come to the GPC office to take the exam between the hours of 8:00am-2:00pm.

Ethics (Annual) -$SM$X%2bjBidC2sS0ZJXxdBsfwfElxH%2f0XFEl8Pm0ZS5yjNBcQAGyyLe3bjLcTWdn9GI4e&TARGET=$SM$https%3a%2f%2fwww%2ejagcnet2%2earmy%2emil%2fJAGCNETIntranet%2fDatabases%2fAdministrative%20Law%2fethics%2ensf%2ffrmlogin%3fopenform

DAU (CLG001, One-time) -

Access Online USBANK Training (One-time) -

GSA SmartPay Training (One-time) -



All CHs must follow the following supply chain hierarchy, as prescribed in FAR 8.002, Priorities for use of Government Supply Sources:

1. Agency Inventories (DoD EMall)

2. Excess from other Government agencies

3. Federal Prison Industries (UNICOR)

4. People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled (AbilityOne and Skillcraft through the Self Service Supply Center (SSSC))

 5. Government Services, Document Automated Printing Service (DAPS)

 6. Government Sources, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

 7. Federal Supply Schedules, Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)

 8. Wholesale supply sources, General Services Administration (GSA)


 **SSSC is MANDATORY first choice for all office supplies. Products available from the Committee for Purchase from People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled listed on the AbilityOne Procurement List SHALL be substituted for commercial items whenever possible.

 **CHESS is a required source for IT hardware and software purchases, as it is an Army BPA.  CHESS items can be purchased through the CHESS website:

 **Automation, telecommunication, and audio/visual equipment purchases and repairs unless exempt, must be approved/coordinated with Network Enterprise Center (NEC) and/or Division Automation Management Office (DAMO) through the Capabilities Request (CAPR) process. The cardholder is required to complete the process prior to the purchase. The CAPR number assigned to the requirement must be annotated on the AXOL order.  All IT services, software and hardware needs a CAPR, EXCEPT for the items listed on their intranet site. 


Split purchases are prohibited.  If a CH splits a purchase their GPC account with be suspended for no less than 30 days.  Per the Department of Army GPC Operating Procedures, a split purchase occurs when a CH splits a known requirement at the time of the purchase into several transactions in order to: circumvent dollar thresholds in order to use the GPC; to avoid competitive bids for purchases over the micro-purchase threshold; or to avoid other established credit limits (this is prohibited).  When a known small purchase requirement exceeds the micro-purchase threshold, it must be purchased through a contract using simplified acquisition procedures.  Examples of Split Purchases or Split Requirements include the following:

A single CH making multiple purchases from the same merchant on the same day, the total of which exceeds the single purchase limit and the total requirement was known at the time of the first purchase.

A single CH purchasing the same/similar item(s) from multiple merchants on the same day, the total of which exceeds the single purchase limit and the total was known at the time of the first purchase.

A single CH making multiple purchases of similar items from the same or multiple merchants over a period of time when the total requirement was known at time of the first purchase and the value exceeds the single purchase limit.

Multiple CHs under the same supervision or billing official purchasing the same/similar item(s) the same day or in a compressed timeframe when the total requirement is known at a given time and exceeds the single purchase limit.

Requirements exceeding the micro-purchase threshold. (i.e. yearly requirement where the monthly recurring services are less than the micro-purchase threshold but the known yearly total exceed the micro-purchase threshold.)



For those instances when using a GPC is impossible, a one-time payment with a convenience check through the Fort Drum MICC may be authorized up to $3,000 for supplies, $2,500 for services, and $2,000 for construction.  Payment by convenience check is a less desirable payment method due to the added risk, the accompanying accountability and oversight placed on these payments, and a 1.7 percent fee placed on such payments by the bank card issuer.  Convenience checks will only be authorized after evaluating all alternative methods of purchase and making a positive recommendation that using such a payment is advantageous to the activity.  Before a check will be issued, the activity must make every effort to use the GPC card, including making maximum efforts to find and use merchants that accept GPC.  Contact the MICC A/OPC for more information and prior approval.  Procedures for using a Convenience Check as payment for an authorized transaction are as follows:

1. CH must determine that all possible sources for the specific service or supply do not accept the purchase card.

2. CH must initiate DA Form 3953 through supply and budget channels and sign as the “Initiating Officer”.

3. DA 3953 must include item description, quantity, unit price, total amount, place of delivery, vendor’s name, address and phone number, vendor’s tax identification number (or SSN), and annotation that vendor does not accept purchase card and no other source is available.

4. After DA 3953 is signed by all parties and funds are available, CH must provide all documentation to the A/OPC for prior approval.

5. Upon A/OPC approval the CH may place the order with vendor.

6. DA 3953, invoice, and receiving report are then forwarded to the A/OPC for payment by Convenience Check.

7. Upon receipt of DA Form 3953, invoice, and receiving report, the Convenience Check account holder at MICC will issue check and mail to vendor.

8. Cardholder’s activity and DRM will receive memo stating that payment has been made, and it will indicate dollar amount of check handling fee that is paid by the Activity.

9. Transaction does not have to be annotated in AXOL order management, but documentation should be maintained in CHs file.