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Fire and Emergency Services

2009 Northeast Region Fire Department

and Fire Prevention of the Year


Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services Division is here for you, our customer. Our vision is to become the Department of Defense's preeminent fire and emergency service utilizing dedicated firefighters protecting the world's most respected Soldiers and Families, contractors and civilians... anytime...anywhere. Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services Division is committed to revolutionizing our complex business while building the Army's premier fire and emergency services division. We provide world-class fire and emergency services in a global environment to prevent and minimize loss of life, property and environmental impact in periods of peace and war. These include both man-made and natural incidents requiring fire protection education, training, engineering, rescue, medical and full spectrum threat response.

The Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services Division and International Association of Firefighters Local F-105 are committed to assuring that the division achieves environmental, health and safety (EHS) excellence in order to support and enhance the our mission. We encourage all employees to be accountable for achieving this goal as a way of life. This commitment is based on a shared interest to pursue solutions that promote partnership, quality of work life, increased work quality and efficiencies, and employee empowerment, while considering the legitimate interests of both labor and management.

Our Fire Prevention principles are our keys for success. These three keys, Public Fire Safety Education, Engineering Design and Code Enforcement ensure that our installation is a safety place to live and work. This guide is an aide to assist you and help us prevent fires across the installation. If you have any questions or need further information please feel free to contact our Fire Prevention Branch at 315- 772-4702 any time.

Thank you and stay safe!
Installation Fire Chief
Fort Drum Fire and Emergency Services Division