Reporting Status: normal
Road conditions: Red as of 1/30/2015 3:07 AM
Frost bite temperature: 25 as of 1/30/2015 03:08 AM

Physical Security



Main Office located in room 204 upstairs in building 10715.

Phone: 772-3105 

DSN: 772-3105

Fax: 772-9173



To assist the Installation Commander and Director of Emergency Services in all aspects of physical security, crime prevention and force protection.   This assistance is at a minimum to develop, coordinate, implement, and oversee physical security policies and procedures for mission assurance, in particular as it pertains to antiterrorism; critical infrastructure protection; installation preparedness, and electronic security.  Ultimately providing for the protection of all critical assets and personnel and ensuring a safe environment for all who work or live on Fort Drum.  


Gate Hours

Open 24 Hours 7 Days A Week:

  • Iraqi Freedom Gate (North Gate)
  • Mount Belvedere Gate
  • WSAAF Gate
  • Gas Alley Gate

Gates With Specific Hours:

Closed Holidays, Weekends, and DONSAs

  • Black River Gate (Nash Blvd), 0600-1900 Monday-Friday
  • 45th Infantry Division Drive Gate, 0600-0800 Monday-Friday


BCT Representatives can be contacted by calling:

1BCT  Mike Chevier  772-0076

2BCT  Paul Mandeville 772-9920

3BCT  Larry Gilcris  772-9921

AVN / Supt BDE  Carl Shuck  772-9395

Alarm System 772-6160 or 772-5156


Helpful Documents:

Physical Security Checklist.doc

BOMB Threat Info Paper.doc

Housing Area Security During Deploy Info Paper.doc

Info paper - POW Regs.doc

New York State Weapons Registration.doc

Missing Lost Arms Ammunition or Explosives.doc