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Fort Drum Access Control Changes

Please be aware that due to the requirements of the REAL ID Act, Fort Drum will be implementing several changes regarding what forms of identification are acceptable for gaining entry to the installation. Individuals presenting driver’s licenses from effected states or territories will need to present a valid secondary proof of identity document in order to gain unescorted access to Fort Drum. You can find a full list of acceptable, alternate forms of ID here.

Currently the following states and territories are complaint: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Nevada, Ohio, S. Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. All other states and territories have an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver's licenses and identification cards at Federal facilities and nuclear power plants through October 10, 2017.  Personnel can visit to check on the status of each individual state. 

Personnel from states that are not compliant or have not been given an extension as of 11 October 2017 will have to provide an additional form of identification as outlined here.  Sponsors requesting access for visitors without REAL ID Act compliant forms of identification or supplemental identity proofing documents will be required to escort their guests at all times while on the installation. 

State Enhanced Driver's Licenses (EDL) that are designated as acceptable border-crossing documents by Department of Homeland Security under the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) are acceptable for official Federal purposes (i.e., boarding a commercial aircraft, accessing a Federal facility, or entering a nuclear power plant).

Gate Procedures: All persons attempting to enter Fort Drum must present a valid DOD ID card. Individuals not in possession of a DOD ID card may follow the steps outlined below in order to access the installation.

-          All non-DOD ID card holders must have a sponsor in order to enter Fort Drum.

-          Sponsors MUST:

o   Be in possession of a valid DOD ID card

o   Be 18 years of age or older and fall into one of the following categories: Soldiers, Family Members, retirees and their spouses, Civilian Employees or contractors who possess a DOD ID card.

o   Meet guests at a visitor gate to sign for them: Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan/Main Gate, Gas Alley Gate or the Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield gate.*

o   Be willing to accept responsibility for all actions of their sponsored guests while those guests are visiting the installation.

-          Visitors who wish to bring their vehicle on post must present a valid driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

-          Once a pass is obtained, pass holders may enter Fort Drum via any gate EXCEPT 45th Infantry Division Drive, which is open to DOD ID card holders only.

-          Any individual attempting to access Fort Drum without a DOD ID card or a DES-approved pass will be redirected to a visitor gate (Lt. Gen. Paul Cerjan/Main Gate, Gas Alley Gate, Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield Gate) to be properly vetted, even those in uniform.

*DOD ID Card Holders: You may pre-coordinate for the arrival of any visitors by applying for a pass in advance through the Access Control Office. Please follow the steps outlined below to download and submit an Application for Sponsorship (IMDR-ES Form 2). Requests must be submitted a minimum of 72 hours in advance of visitor(s) arrival.

Trusted Traveler Program: Sponsors (DOD ID card holders) may vouch for all non-DOD ID card holders present in their own vehicle except for foreign nationals. All persons in the vehicle, 18 or older, will be required to provide an official form of photo identification: driver’s license, government-issued ID, school ID card, passport, etc. Please note that contractors are NOT eligible to participate in the TTP, even those who possess a valid DOD ID card.

Foreign Nationals: Foreign nationals who are NOT on official orders must follow the above steps to obtain sponsorship and a pass. Additionally, individuals must be escorted by their sponsors at all times after entering Fort Drum until their departure.

Contractors: Contractors who do not possess a DOD ID card or Rapid Gate pass will not be allowed on post without a sponsor. Please contact your supervisor for additional information.

(Special procedures will be put in place and announced for community-wide special events such as Mountainfest.)


1.  The form can be printed, filled in, signed, and faxed to 315-772-9173.

2.  The form can be printed, filled in, signed, and dropped off in person at 10715 Mt Belvedere Blvd (MP Station), 2nd Floor, Room 204 or Room 223.

3.  The form can be filled in and signed electronically and emailed to

4.  Please allow up to 72 hours for processing. 

5.  If there is an issue found during background checks you will be telephonically notified. 

6.  If no issues, passes will be prepared and can be picked up at the Paul Cerjan Gate.

7.  Questions can be directed to:

CPT of the Guard at 315-772-9959, Monday-Friday 0730-1600

SOGs at 315-772-8392, 24 hours a day;

Chief, Physical Security at 315-772-3105, Monday-Friday 0730-1600.