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Phone Directory

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Hair Salon315-773-1990Beauty Shop
Head and Shoulder Photos315-774-5214ADMINISTRATIVE
 315-772-1880VI MANAGER
Heating315-772-549524/7 - Emergency and Routine Service Requests.
 315-772-2267Fax Number
 315-772-6225Business & Plans Chief
 315-772-8283COMSEC Custodian
 315-772-5526Defense Message System
 315-772-6610E-Mail Systems
 315-772-7114Information Management Officer
 315-772-5401Video Teleconference Operations
 315-772-9185Budget Analyst
 315-774-0043Cellular Phones/Pagers
 315-772-0884Copier Manager
 315-772-6610Customer Support Center
 315-772-4078Telephone Billing
 315-772-5869Post Locator
 315-772-5937Projects Manager
 315-772-4000Quality Advisor
 315-772-5279Security Manager
 315-772-2629Desktop & System Support Chief
 315-772-7114Information Assurance Chief
 315-772-2433Commercial Radios/Frequencies
 315-772-6610Network Management
 315-772-2246Network Security
 315-772-7400Telephone Maintenance
 315-772-1114Telephone Repair
 315-772-6169Web Administrator
 315-772-8200Network & Switch Chief
Historical Collection315-774-0355Front Desk
 315-774-0391Curator's Office
 315-408-6309Curator's Cell Phone
Honors315-772-646524 hours a day 365 days a year
 1-888-325-1601 Toll Free
Hourly Child Care315-772-6715Child, Youth & School Services
Household Good Shipments315-772-7776commercial
Housing Division315-955-6644Housing Services – Welcome Home Center
 315-772-7256Chief, Housing Divsion
 315-772-6668Army Community Housing (Off Post)
 315-772-6668Single Soldier Housing (Barracks)
 315-955-6650Mountain Community Homes Service Orders
 315-772-6668Single Soldier Housing Service Orders
 315-772-8099Single Soldier Housing Service Orders AFTER HOURS
 315-772-0019Off Post Housing Service Orders
Housing On Post315-955-6644Mountain Community Homes (on post)
 315-955-6640Adirondack Creek
 315-955-6641Crescent Woods
 315-955-6642Monument Ridge
 315-777-8000The Timbers
 315-955-6643Rhicard Hills
HR315-772-5839Closed Holidays and Weekends
Human Resource 219315-772-5635Admin
Human Resources315-772-5839Closed Holidays and Weekends
Hunting315-772-9636Fish & Wildlife Program Manager
 315-772-4999Fish & Wildlife Biologist
 315-772-6283Fish & Wildlife Biologist
 315-772-9303Fish & Wildlife Biologist
 315-772-0053Fish & Wildlife Biologist
 315-772-4868Natural Resources Permit Office