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Community Resource Guide

Welcome to Fort Drum's consolidated listing of Resiliency-Based Services. Please select from the Resiliency Categories on the left to see all services from that category. For more information on a specific service, select its link below.

If this is an Emergency, Please call 911 or the MP desk at 315-772-2677

Administrative Services

Directorate of Human Resources
Description: Deliver state of the art military personnel and essential human resource support services to the 10th Mountain Division, Tenant Units, Families, DoD Civilians, Contractors and Retirees of the Fort Drum community. <br>

Services: We are here to assist all soldiers, their family members and the civilian workforce

  • 315-772-5839

Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program
Description: SFL-TAP provides transition assistance to those Service members within 18 months of their separation or within 24 months of retirement from the military, their Family members, DA Civilians, and Veterans.&nbsp;

Services: Career Guidance Counseling (preseparation Counseling), Individual Transition Plan, One-on-One Counseling, Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop, VA Benefits Brief, Seminars (Resume, Interview, Education, Financial Readiness, Small Business). <br> <br>SFL-TAP is closed on Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 to 3:00 PM for Staff Training.&nbsp;

  • 315-772-3434
  • 315-772-3286
  • 315-772-3284

Military Personnel Division
Description: The Military Personnel Division&#39;s mission is to ensure the full spectrum of military human resources programs, services and systems are professionally executed to support the readiness, mission and well-being of all Organizations and Soldiers (Active, Reserve and Guard) assigned or attached to Fort Drum. <br>

Services: We are here to assist all soldiers, their family members and the civilian workforce.

  • 315-772-2130

Personnel Processing Branch
Description: We are here to assist all soldiers, their family members and the civilian workforce <br>

Services: ID Cards/Deers <br>Retirement Services <br>Transistion Center <br>Personnel Reassignments Section

  • 315-772-1407

Retirement Services
Description: Retirement support. Orders and Processing

Services: To provide quality service regarding benefits, entitlements, information and referral to Retirees, their Family as well as active duty Soldiers and their Family preparing for retirement. The Retirement Services Office also publishes the Fort Drum Retired Army Newsletter; advises and supports the Fort Drum Retiree Council, develops public support of Army programs and informs the retired community of upcoming events of interest. <br>

  • 315-772-6434
  • 315-772-6339
  • 1-800-556-9790

Transition Center
Description: To provide the highest quality separation processing to Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard Soldiers assigned to and/or passing through the Fort Drum Community.&nbsp; This includes the timely and accurate preparation of DD Form 214&#39;s (Certificate of Release or Discharge from active duty) and the publishing of all separation orders. <br> <br>

Services: Final Out Processing. <br>DD214 <br>Discharges

  • 315-772-8242
  • 315-772-4111

Casualty Assistance
Description: We owe a large debt, our security, our prosperity, our standing among other nations to the veterans who have faithfully served our country.&nbsp; Our mission is to repay that debt through timely reporting and coordination for the provision of accurate, meaningful, and compassionate support to our soldiers and their families during casualty incidents and situations and rendering of Military Funeral Honors to those who have served.

Services: Courts Martial Officer Training <br>Notification Training <br>

  • 315-772-6465
  • 1-888-325-1601

Personnel Services Branch
Description: SGLV/DD93 for Non PSDR Units <br>Officer and Enlisted records updates for Non PSDR Units <br>NATO and TCS Orders <br>Promotions <br>MMRB <br>Manifest

Services: Records:&nbsp; Military Personnel File custodian for all non-PSDR units. Provide update assistance for ORB&#39;s and ERB&#39;s and Casualty Documents. <br>Promotions for all non-PSDR units.&nbsp; Processing the promotion packets and board results for the semi-centralized promotions to SGT and SSG. Assist Units in identifying and preparing their Soldiers and Officers for centralized promotion board consideration. <br>Personnel Actions for all non-PSDR units.&nbsp; Process requests for compassionate reassignment, statement of service, applications for Green to Gold, Soldier&#39;s citizenship applications, Name Changes, Army Married Couple&#39;s Program, etc. <br>eMILPO: Monitors and manages the Personnel Service Center (PSC) Code FS10 data base for all units and Soldiers assigned to the PSC Code FS10.

  • 315-772-1348

Fort Drum Information Hotline
Description: Fort Drum Information Hotline.

Services: Post delays and closure, road conditions, time / temperature.

  • 315-772-3786

Description: In 2012 the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention (SAPR) Program transitioned at Fort Drum to the Sexual Harassment Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program.

Services: Staff provides victim advocacy for survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment, as well as accompaniments for investigation endeavors by law enforcement, SJA, and any needed medical treatment if requested.&nbsp; The resource center will also assist with linking survivors to other needed resources such as counseling, and other services needed both on and off post.

  • 315-767-6128
  • 315-774-2728

Description: The 10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum Retention Program leads a comprehensive effort to provide accurate and relevant professional and career development to all Soldiers and ensure the highest quality Soldiers are retained

Services: Reenlistment , reclassification, extensions, MAR2, professional/career development

  • 315-772-2259
  • 315-772-5377
  • 315-772-5468
  • 315-772-5468
  • 315-772-3386
  • 315-772-5478
  • 315-772-0566
  • 315-772-2782
  • 315-772-0744
  • 315-772-2363
  • 315-772-1594
  • 315-772-2059
  • 315-772-4612
  • 315-772-4073
  • 315-772-4954