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Community Resource Guide

Welcome to Fort Drum's consolidated listing of Resiliency-Based Services. Please select from the Resiliency Categories on the left to see all services from that category. For more information on a specific service, select its link below.

If this is an Emergency, Please call 911 or the MP desk at 315-772-2677

Child / Youth Services

Child Care Parent Central Services
Description: Central enrollment for CYSS programs

Services: Central enrollment for CYSS programs

  • 315-772-8675

Child, Youth & School Services (CYSS)
Description: Programs and activities offered for children and youth

Services: Full day, part day, and hourly child care, to before and after school programs, sports, and activities for middle school and high school students

  • 315-772-6715
Address: P-10720

Community Listening & Information Forum
Description: Community Listening &amp; Information Forum(CLIF) is designed to keep Soldiers, Family members and other community members informed on a variety of topicsand to raise issues and concerns. <br> <br>Meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday of the month at The Commons.&nbsp; Meeting frequency may change during the summer months.&nbsp;

Services: Community Updates, Current Events, Issues and Concerns

  • 772-5464