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Community Resource Guide

Welcome to Fort Drum's consolidated listing of Resiliency-Based Services. Please select from the Resiliency Categories on the left to see all services from that category. For more information on a specific service, select its link below.

If this is an Emergency, Please call 911 or the MP desk at 315-772-2677

Employment Services

Army Community Service
Description: Army Community Service provides readiness and life skills programs to promote self sufficiency and resiliency, and enhance quality of life. <br> <br>For additional information related to child/spouse abuse, please see the ACS websites listed below.&nbsp;

Services: One stop information and referral.&nbsp; Programs include Army Emergency Relief, Army Family Action Plan, Army Family Team Building, Army Volunteer Corps, Community Information Services, Directory, Employment Readiness, Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program (non-clinical, New Parent Support Program, Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy), Financial Readiness, MFLCs, Mobilization &amp; Deployment, Outreach Services, Relocation Readiness, Soldier &amp; Family Assistance Center, Survivor Outreach Services, and Climb to Glory Fund. <br>

  • 315-772-6557
  • 1-800-826-0886

United Service Organization ( USO )
Description: USO is a private, non-profit organization that provides morale and recreational services to members of the U.S. Military.

Services: Recreation and entertainment/internet and video games. Ping pong, pool, conferences, TV, and a movie theater.

  • 315-774-0356
  • 315-774-0359
  • 315-774-0356
  • 315-774-0356

Soldier and Family Assistance Center
Description: The SFAC provides direct services, as well as referral, liaison and coordination with installation and local agencies to deliver non-medical services to Soldiers and Families assigned to the 3-85th IN (Provisional) Warrior Transition Unit, Soldiers in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System process and their Families, Families who remain in our area while their Soldier heals elsewhere, and the Spouses and Families of our Fallen Warriors.

Services: Soldiers and Family. For warriors in transition/all non-medical

  • 315-772-7781

Soldier for Life- Transition Assistance Program
Description: SFL-TAP provides transition assistance to those Service members within 18 months of their separation or within 24 months of retirement from the military, their Family members, DA Civilians, and Veterans.&nbsp;

Services: Career Guidance Counseling (preseparation Counseling), Individual Transition Plan, One-on-One Counseling, Department of Labor (DOL) Employment Workshop, VA Benefits Brief, Seminars (Resume, Interview, Education, Financial Readiness, Small Business). <br> <br>SFL-TAP is closed on Tuesday afternoons from 12:00 to 3:00 PM for Staff Training.&nbsp;

  • 315-772-3434
  • 315-772-3286
  • 315-772-3284

Watertown Veterans Center
Description: DVA Readjustment Counseling Services <br>

Services: DVA Readjustment Counseling Services <br>

  • 315-782-5479
  • 315-782-0491

Description: The 10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum Retention Program leads a comprehensive effort to provide accurate and relevant professional and career development to all Soldiers and ensure the highest quality Soldiers are retained

Services: Reenlistment , reclassification, extensions, MAR2, professional/career development

  • 315-772-2259
  • 315-772-5377
  • 315-772-5468
  • 315-772-5468
  • 315-772-3386
  • 315-772-5478
  • 315-772-0566
  • 315-772-2782
  • 315-772-0744
  • 315-772-2363
  • 315-772-1594
  • 315-772-2059
  • 315-772-4612
  • 315-772-4073
  • 315-772-4954