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Community Resource Guide

Welcome to Fort Drum's consolidated listing of Resiliency-Based Services. Please select from the Resiliency Categories on the left to see all services from that category. For more information on a specific service, select its link below.

If this is an Emergency, Please call 911 or the MP desk at 315-772-2677

Family Resiliency

Army Community Service
Description: Education for families. <br> <br>For additional information related to child/spouse abuse, please see the ACS website listed below.&nbsp;

Services: One stop information and referral for newcomers <br>

  • 315-772-6557
  • 1-800-826-0886
Website: Army Community Service

Mobilization and Deployment
Description: Deployment support cycle training for families.

Services: Deployment support cycle training for families.

  • 315-772-0470
Address: P-4330 back office

MFLC Financial Conselor
Description: Financial Assistance

Services: Consumer Affairs, Financial Assistance

  • 315-212-6919

CG Hotline
Description: The CG&#39;s Hotline is for Soldiers, Family members or Civilians who feel that they have exhausted their chain-of-command options and resources to solve problems and issues. <br> <br>How it works: Callers using the hotline will speak with the garrison command group representative. The caller will be interviewed to determine what has been done, what the desired end state is, etc. This summary is then sent on the command group who will review and determine the appropriate course of action. Upon submitting the issue to the agency directly involved in the concern, the agency then has 72 hours to investigate and provide a response back to the representative, who will, in turn, share with the command group and discuss with the caller.

Services: Issues, problems, chain-of-command, crisis

  • 315.772.6666
Website: /tenants/Pages/Hotlinelv_2.aspx

Fort Drum Information Town Hall Meeting (FDITHM)
Description: The Fort Drum Information and Town Hall Meeting (FDITHM) is designed to keep Soldiers, Family members and other community members informed on a variety of topics and to raise issues and concerns. The remaining 2010 FDITHMs are scheduled for: <br> <br>14 July at 10:30 in The Commons <br>20 October at 10:30 in The Commons

Services: Community Updates, Current Events, Issues and Concerns

  • 315-772-9970
Website: /CMS/Pages/InformationandTownHallMeeting.aspx

Enlisted Spouses' Club (ESC)
Description: The Fort Drum Enlisted Spouses&#39; Club provides an organized means for members to meet and participate in Community Resource Projects in a social, cultural, and educational atmosphere.

Services: ESC provides an organized means for our membership to meet and participate in Fundraisers, Community Resource Projects, as well as, social, cultural and educational activities.

  • 315-775-9904

Boy Scout Troop 26
Description: Boy Scouts of America

Services: Scouts meet every Monday from 6:30-8:00pm

  • 315-773-6015
Address: Off of Rt. 26

Information and Town Hall Subject Matter Experts
Description: Information and Town Hall Subject matter experts

Services: Information and Town Hall Subject matter experts

  • 315-773-5631
  • 315-772-4451
  • 315-772-4674
  • 315-772-6559
  • 315-772-5612
  • 315-772-6715
  • 315-772-4343
  • 315-772-1077
  • 315-772-4588
  • 315-772-6942
  • 315-772-7288
  • 315-772-8286
  • 315-772-5371
  • 315-772-3902
  • 315-772-6911
  • 315-955-6800
  • 315-772-5685
  • 315-772-4021
  • 315-772-6554
  • 315-772-0728
  • 315-772-3214
  • 315-772-0805
  • 315-772-7373
  • 315-755-2002

Girl Scouts
Description: Girl Scouts

Services: Girl Scouts

  • 315-782-1890