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MISSION:  Simply stated, we are a full service logistics organization.  We are proud of the part we play in Fort Drum’s critical national defense role as a Power Projection Platform.  Our customers include the 10th Mountain Division (LI) and Fort Drum, Tenant Units, Individual Soldiers, Members of the Army Community, Garrison and Tenant Base Operations Support Activities, Civilian Employees, and Commercial Sector Army Service Providers.  Our Force Projection support extends to all services of both the Active and Reserve Component.   There are four cornerstones of DOL's mission support – Transportation, Supply and Services, Maintenance, and Logistics Management.

VISION:  Through initiative, innovation, and improvement DOL strives to be our customer's first choice for logistics support.  An organization driven to carry on a proud history of fulfilling it's missions, proven through competition, and always ready to face new challenges and capitalize on greater opportunities.  Keeping sight of the concept;  that while our missions and customers are a reason for being, people are at the center of all we do.

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM THE DOL:  Our customers can expect to have their requirements met right the first time, every time.  This is not simply an organizational slogan, it is the core standard of every facet of our operation.  Because the people we support are expected to do our nation's most difficult, challenging, and potentially perilous business - there's no room to offer them second best.

Office of the Director

Execution of Logistics Plans, Services, and Operations lies with the Director of Logistics.  Through our three division chiefs, the Director implements policy and procedural measures necessary to carry out the operations of our major divisions.  Also through the Division Chiefs and other Key staff, the director controls management, oversight, and coordination of services acquired from our business partners.  Incorporated in the Office of the Director are specifically tailored services including - Human Resource Management, Fiscal and Budgetary formulation and execution, Training and Education, Information Mission Area Management, Management Analysis, and Stock Fund Management.  The Officer of the Director is also the central contact point for Quality Assurance and Surveillance of Ammunition Supplies (QASAS) which oversees the quality and safety of ammunition stocks moving on to, off of, and around the installation.

Staff POC Phone Numbers

Director: (315) 772-5217
Administrative Assistant:  (315) 772-5218

Transportation Division Supply and Services Division Material Maintenance Division

Our Transportation Division provides a far reaching range of ground and air transportation services to make sure personnel and material are where they're needed, when they're needed.  Our operation of the Departure/Arrival Airfield Control Group is a proven aspect of our ability to support Fort Drum’s Power Projection mission.  Whether around the installation or around the world, our movements and motor transport services staff stand ready to meet the needs our customers.  Specifically tailored services include Personnel Movement and travel, Unit and Troop Movements, Material and Property Movement, Vehicle Operations and Vehicle Control and Dispatch.

Our Supply and Services Division provides material and supply support over the essential ranges of Supply Classes I, II, III, IV, V, VII, and IX to support the missions of our customers.  Supply and Services Functions provided includes, Property Book Operations, Installation Food Service and Troop Issue Subsistence Activity (TISA) operations, Material Management, Storage,  and Ammunition Supply and Storage. Operating from state of the art maintenance facilities, our Material Maintenance Division supports our customer's ground and air material maintenance requirements.  Services provided extend to a  broad spectrum of equipment commodity maintenance and repair; ranging from Organizational, Direct Support, General Support, and National Level Program Maintenance Activities.

Business Partners

DOL is linked to a number of Commercial and other Government Sector Service Providers and Vendors who help us support our Logistics Missions.  Through them we accomplish a number of mission support services including - Aviation Maintenance; Army Oil Analysis Program, Direct Vendor Delivery of Subsistence; Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services, Dining Facility Attendant Services, Personal Property Shipments, and Central Issue of Organization Clothing and Individual Equipment.