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Organizational Hallmarks

Organizations are marked by their concept of how they conduct themselves in their environment.  DOL is proud of the hallmarks it's established for the way we carry on our business.  It is an all encompassing set of hallmarks, by which the leadership, supervision, and front line employees know what we expect of one another and our organization.

Mission Perspective - Maintain a positive attitude toward responsibilities, tempered by a sense of humor.  Work should, and can, be enjoyable.

Respect and Trust - Equal respect and trust from the top of the corporate structure down to the individual employee, and back up again over the same path.

Organizational Involvement - Involving the organization through information and understanding of what we're asked to do, seeking active participation at all levels.

Improvement - Continuous application of innovation and ingenuity to build on and extend the effectiveness and efficiency we've established.

Information - Share information to maintain objectivity.  No detail is too small or project too large, that it should be conducted in doubt.

Trust and Openness - Build trust and openness within the organization and through contact with our customers, partners, and suppliers through consistency and honesty.

Work Ethics  - Focus on doing what is right, and doing it right the first time.  Allow common sense, practical, and realistic initiatives to drive how we operate.

Reward and Recognition - Know that everyone makes a contribution, and provide rewards and recognition fairly and in proportion to how they're earned.

Education - Internally enhance our ability, and externally facilitate awareness of customers and suppliers in order to make the most of the products and services we offer.

Flexibility -  Never lose sight of the significance and importance of mission, adapt ourselves to meeting every challange.