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Supply & Services Division

Mission Statement Our Supply and Services Division provides material and supply support over the essential ranges of Supply Classes I, II, III, IV, V, VII, and IX to support the missions of our customers.  Supply and Services Functions provided includes, Property Book Operations, Installation Food Service and Troop Issue Subsistence Activity (TISA) operations, Material Management, Storage,  and Ammunition Supply and Storage.

Staff POC Phone Numbers 

Chief: (315) 772-5661
Supply Services Assistant: (315) 772-5661
Supervisor Logistics Management Specialist:  (315) 772-4590
Supervisor Supply Management Specialist: (315) 772-4591
Food Services Manager: (315) 772-4082
Class III(B) Manager: (315) 772-4879
Material Management: (315) 772-5107
Supply Support Activity: (315) 772-0963
Installation Property Book Officer: (315) 772-5941
Ammunition Supply Point: (315) 772-8234
Live Ammunition Issue / Turn-In: (315) 772-5281
Residue Turn-In: (315) 772-8968
Installation Food Service / TISA: (315) 772-6247
TISA / Food Service Technician: (315) 772-5076
Central Issue Facility (CIF) COR: (315) 772-0597
Central Issue Facility (CIF) Appointments: (315) 772-2756
Laundry Facility COR: (315) 772-0597

Building Location:
Building P-4525

Supply Support Activity (SSA)
Central Issue Facility (CIF) 
Property Book Office (PBO) 
Ammunition Supply Point (ASP) 
Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants (POL) Branch 
Hazardous Materials Control Center (HMCC) 
Installation Food Services