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Transportation Division

 Logistics Transportation Division Phone numbers

315-772-7776Household Good Shipments-PPSO
315-772-5888Material Movements / Freight
315-772-8060Vehicle Operations / TMP
315-772-0776Passenger Travel

Mission Statement Our Transportation Division provides a far reaching range of ground and air transportation services to make sure personnel and material are where they're needed, when they're needed.  Our operation of the Departure/Arrival Airfield Control Group is a proven aspect of our ability to support Fort Drum’s Power Projection mission.  Whether around the installation or around the world, our movements and motor transport services staff stand ready to meet the needs our customers.  Specifically tailored services include Personnel Movement and travel, Unit and Troop Movements, Material and Property Movement, Vehicle Operations and Vehicle Control and Dispatch.

Building Location :
Building T-4

Branches :
Outload Support
Personnel Movement
Unit Movement
Material Movement
Vehicle Operations