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Noncommissioned Officers Academy


Welcome to the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA). Your selection to attend this academy indicates that your chain of command and the Army have placed a great deal of confidence in your potential to serve in positions of increased responsibility. The mission of the NCO Academy is to provide exceptional training to qualified noncommissioned officers. Our goal is to provide you with a relevant and challenging course that will better prepare you to assume duties at your next level. The academy provides instruction for your first Noncommissioned Officer Education System. The Basic Leader Course (BLC) is a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) non-specific course designed to train Specialists recommended for promotion to Sergeant. Emphasis is placed on how to train, fight, and lead at the Team Leader level. The curriculum will consist of three modules; Leadership, Training and Warfighting. In addition, the leader’s performance will be evaluated against the curriculum using core leader competencies, broadly-skilled leader attributes, and battle command characteristics throughout the course. Your performance will be evaluated under the policies and procedures outlined in AR 623-3. You must meet all academic course standards to graduate. You will receive an Academic Evaluation Report (AER), which will provide information regarding your accomplishments, potential, and limitations during your attendance at the NCOA. It is very important for you to be in good physical readiness condition and meet the Army height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9, prior to attending BLC. Specific information on this course may be found on this site. Please review in advance and come prepared to excel! The NCO Corps is the “Back Bone of the Army”; we look forward to preparing you to take that next step of being part of our NCO Corps and a standard bearer for our Army. “Lead by Example!”


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Throughout the course, instruction is supplemented by the dynamics of small-group learning, whereby the nature of MOS non-specificity feeds the sharing of information on all levels.  The small group learning environment not only nurtures the comprehension of BLC curriculum through peer development and reinforcement, but it also replicates the size and military demographics of the small groups these junior leaders will be charged with accounting for at their parent units; aiding them with experience and practice in leading real teams towards real goals.


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