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Noncommissioned Officers Academy


The Basic Leader Course (BLC) is an intensive, 22-day, non-live-in, branch-immaterial course which trains basic leadership skills, knowledge, and behaviors. Tasks trained in BLC are relevant to team/section leader level duties and responsibilities. Training instills self discipline, professional ethics, and establishes the foundation for further training and leader development

The program of instruction at BLC fosters junior leadership development through four distinct arenas of curriculum:  courses in leadership, training and warfighting combine instruction and discussion as conduits towards strengthening Soldiers’ critical thinking skills as they pertain to doctrine, TTPs, and contemporary operational environment.  The fourth arena is a situational training exercise which serves as a capstone event wherein classroom material is expanded on, applied and authenticated in the Leader’s mind.  Connecting theoretical classroom knowledge to real military applications bridges the gap between obscure concepts and “known” procedures.  The emphasis on critical thinking is continued throughout the situational training exercise with a focus on planning, execution and assessment of given operations.

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Throughout the course, instruction is supplemented by the dynamics of small-group learning, whereby the nature of MOS non-specificity feeds the sharing of information on all levels.  The small group learning environment not only nurtures the comprehension of BLC curriculum through peer development and reinforcement, but it also replicates the size and military demographics of the small groups these junior leaders will be charged with accounting for at their parent units; aiding them with experience and practice in leading real teams towards real goals.


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