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Need a copy of your DA 1059


Request a copy of a missing DA 1059 

If you attended the Fort Drum NCOA and you need a copy of your DA 1059 then you will need to contact the Chief of Training at (315) 772-8204. In order to obtain a copy, you will need to provide the following information: 

1. Rank (at time of graduation from WLC).

2. Name: last name, first name (name at the time of course attendance).

3. Class Number or Month/Year of attendance.

4. Last four of SSN #

5. Email address

**Be advised that DA 1059's can only be requested by the Soldier or person who is Power of Attorney for the Soldier and is allowed to obtain the DA 1059 for them.  Turn around time for DA 1059 is normally within five business days of receiving the request.**


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