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Student Information



It is vital to the success of Soldiers attending the Fort Drum Basic Leader Course to have the following documentation on day zero of the Basic Leader Course (BLC). Soldiers and their Chain of Command need to read, understand, and carefully complete all the tasks required to submit the BLC Student Packet. The BLC Student Packet includes the following eleven (11) items: 1. Pre-Execution Checklist, 2. Attachment Orders 3. Current Information Awareness Certificate and Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), 4. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB), 5. POV inspection, 6. The BLC Student Guide and Signature page, 7. Proof of current Physical Health Assessment (PHA), 8. Structured Self-Development Level 1 Completion Certificate (DA87), 9. DA Form 705 and DA Form 5500/5501, 10. Land Navigation Skills Certification Memorandum for Record, and 11. All current physical profiles.

Students who are missing paperwork from the following packet, or have incorrect paperwork, may be denied enrollment for failing to meet the course pre-requisites.

1.    The Army School System (TASS)Unit Pre-Execution Checklist TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E, APR 2016:

The Pre-Execution Checklist must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the Soldier's Commander. If not signed by the Commander, then Assumption of Command orders must accompany the document. The signature block on the checklist must be the same as the signature block on the Attachment Orders. There is NO part of the pre-execution checklist that is "optional." The current Pre-execution checklist can be found in the following link.

Unit Pre-Execution Checklist May 2016

2. Attachment Orders:  

Must reflect the correct Unit Office Symbol, start and end date, class number, and signature block needs to be that of the Commander. If the Command does not sign the orders then Assumption of Command orders will need to be attached to the orders.

Attachment Orders Example 

3.    Current Information Awareness (IA) Certificate and digitally signed Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). (Within 6 months of graduation date).

Log in with CAC DoD-Approved Certificate Login, Confirm the information is correct, View Scores and Print Certificates, View and Sign AUP. Print your IA certificate and your digitally signed AUP.

If your IA exam is not current you will need to complete the DOD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training Module and then take the DOD Cyber Awareness Exam.

 DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge Training and Exam

4. Enlisted Record Brief (ERB):   

Needs to be updated within ONE WEEK prior to the Soldier attending BLC. The ERB should have an updated PHA annotated (within 12 months of graduation date). If the PHA has an expired date on the ERB, Soldiers must bring proof of current PHA.

5.    POV inspection: 

All Soldiers who will be driving POV’s during the course will need to complete a POV inspection for the vehicle(s) that the student will drive with their Chain of Command. Click the link below to go to the POV Inspection form. The inspection needs to be conducted no sooner than one week prior to the student attending BLC. Supporting documents required are: a copy of the Soldier’s driver’s license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

POV Inspection Checklist

6.    Student Guide and Student Guide Signature Page:

This page contains a link to the BLC Student Guide, which is designed to help Soldiers scheduled to attend the course prepared. It is important that all Soldiers scheduled to attend BLC read the Student Guide with their Chain of Command prior to attending BLC.

The Student Guide Signature Page is on page 31 of the Student Guide, sign the signature page acknowledging that the student, his/her First Line Leader, and Unit Command or 1SG have read the guide and understand the consequences of the packing list deficiencies. The Signature page is part of in-processing packet.

Fort Drum NCOA Student Guide as of 27 June 2017

       7.    Proof of current Physical Health Assessment (PHA).

PHA must be valid through course graduation date, IAW AR 40-501, Chapter 8, Paragraph 8-14 (8). As noted in #4 above, proof of current PHA is normally annotated on the Soldier’s ERB. If the Soldier’s PHA is not updated on the ERB (within 12 Months), Soldiers must bring proof of current PHA (print-out from AKO, “My Medical” stating date of completed PHA, for example). Soldiers 40 years of age and older must also bring proof of over-40 physical and Cardiovascular Screening (EKG or treatment note).

8.  Structured Self-Development Level1 Completion Certificate (DA87).

All Soldiers will bring proof of course completion as part of their BLC packet.  

9. DA Form 705 and DA Form 5500/5501.

All Soldiers will bring a PT Card annotating their APFT within 60 days of course start date. If applicable, body fat worksheets will also be included in the packet.

10.  Land Navigation Skills Certification Memorandum for Record.

Land Navigation Memorandum

11.  All current physical profiles.

Obsolete versions will not be accepted; it must be SEP 2010 e-profile Physical Profile.

Pre-requisite Reading Material

The Profession of Arms White Paper

Female Leaders Integration Plan

Soldier 2020 Talking Points

Soldier 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

Student Packet Information

Fort Drum NCOA Student Guide as of 27June 2017

 Unit Pre-Execution Checklist May 2016

BLC Packing List as 27 June 17.pdf

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