Reporting Status: Normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 5/30/2016 12:45 PM
Fire danger rating: Green as of 5/29/2016 08:02 AM

Fish and Wildlife Management Program

 Phone listings

315-772-9636Fish & Wildlife Program Manager
315-772-4999Fish & Wildlife Biologist
315-772-6283Fish & Wildlife Biologist
315-772-9303Fish & Wildlife Biologist
315-772-0053Fish & Wildlife Biologist
315-772-4868Natural Resources Permit Office

Fish & Wildlife Management Program
For more information about recreational access passes and other outdoor recreation on Fort Drum, please go to:

Fort Drum's Fish & Wildlife Management Program manages all fish and wildlife species and their habitats on Fort Drum; conducts fish and wildlife surveys and research; promotes and manages outdoor recreation; works in cooperation with other entities to manage habitat; reviews proposed actions for potential impacts to fish, wildlife and their habitats, particularly threatened and endangered species; and participates in outreach events on Fort Drum and in the community. For more information related to fish and wildlife species, endangered species, or fish and wildlife management on Fort Drum, see or check out the Fort Drum Natural Resources Facebook Page.