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ACH Housing

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH):

There are three components to BAH: rent, utilities and renters’ insurance.  The source for the rent component is locally collected and verified data from rental properties. The rent rate is set using the median rental rate by profile. The utilities component relies on data from local utility companies, the Bureau of Census, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is set using the average consumption by profile types. Renters’ insurance is obtained from the average price quoted by various major insurance carriers. BAH is set by geographical location, pay grade and dependent status, not Family size.


Local Area Rental Listings:

Updated local area rental listings for Government approved rental properties are available at the Welcome Home Center, Room A2-54 at Clark Hall.  The Soldier Service Center located in the Welcome Home Center at Clark Hall has computers, telephones, printers and a FAX machine available to research and contact rental properties.  If you would like to list your property with Fort Drum Housing as Government approved, please contact Army Community Housing at 315-772-7319.

Apartment Complex List:

The Army Community Housihng office has a list of the top apartment complexes in the area, as well as many other apartments the Army has inspected which meet minimum adequacy standards.  Stop into the Welcome Home Center located in Room A2-54, Clark Hall to obtain information on a particular property’s vacancies or to pick up an apartment availability list.

Affordable Housing Program (Tax Credit):

The Affordable Housing Program is designed to facilitate the housing needs of moderate and middle income individuals and Families. Applicants must meet certain qualifying standards established by the government.  In addition to standard wages, income includes monies received from many sources such as alimony, child support, pensions and social security.  For a list of participating complexes and income restrictions please call 315-772-7319 or stop by the Army Community Housing office located in Room A2-54, Clark Hall.

Rental Leases / Complaints / Concerns:

A good contract is clearly written.  All blank spaces should be filled in before you sign, to include full names and identification of both parties; the specific dwelling involved; the beginning and end dates of the rental period; the total amount of rent due each month; and the amount of rent/security deposit prepaid. It should specify the landlord’s rights and responsibilities as well as the tenants.  The contract should clearly state the utilities and services supplied by the landlord in the rental charge. Many contracts will also include operating policies or house rules.  Always carefully read and make certain you understand any lease before signing and be aware - some landlords do not have military-friendly leases.

Always have the lease reviewed and approved by the Legal Assistance Office before signing it to protect your rights. Never waive any of your rights on a lease.

Service Members Civil Relief Act (SCRA):

To terminate the lease, the Service member must deliver written notice to the landlord at any time upon receipt of written orders for call to active duty, permanent change of station, deployment or temporary change of station for 90 days or longer, or termination of military service. Oral notice is not sufficient. The effective date of termination is determined as follows:

• For month to month rentals, the termination becomes effective 30 days after the first date on which the next rental payment is due subsequent to the date when the notice of termination is delivered. For example, if the rent is due on the first day of each month, and notice is mailed on August 1, then the next rental payment is due and payable on September 1. Thirty days after that date would be October 1, the effective date of termination.

• For all other leases, termination becomes effective on the last day of the month following the month in which proper notice is delivered. For example, if the lease requires a yearly rental and proper notice of termination is given on July 20, the effective date of termination would be August 31.


Alleged cases of discrimination or unfair business practices should be reported immediately to the Chief of Army Community Housing. Documented complaints will be referred to appropriate law enforcement. Third party, hearsay and other undocumented allegations will not be considered.

Purchasing a Home:

Northern New York Multiple Listing Service (NNYMLS) provides a database to search homes for sale.  The website also includes a list of Real Estate Professionals that provide a complete range of services related to listing and selling property including appraisals, property management, and financial assistance. Visit for more information.

Soldier Unable to Sell:

If you are a Soldier that purchased a home prior to July 2006 and are unable to sell due to PCS, ETS or are a Wounded Warrior please contact the Corps of Engineers (COE) and ask about the Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP) or visit