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Housing - Frequently Asked Questions

The following list contains answers to questions frequently asked about Housing. If you do not find an answer to your question please contact the Welcome Home Center at 955-6644.

Q: Where will we stay when we get to Fort Drum?

A: You should always plan ahead and have a reservation prior to your arrival. Contact the Fort Drum Inn first. If they do not have space for you, they will issue a Statement of Non-availability for you to stay off post in a motel. You must have the Statement of Non-availability to receive your Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA). The Welcome Home Center maintains a list of hotels/motels.

Q: How can I make reservations at the Inn?

A: You can contact the Fort Drum Inn at 315-773-7777 or at

Q: I am a Single / Unaccompanied Senior Enlisted Solider, E-6 and above, or Officer; is there a place where I can live on post (BOQ)?

A: Yes. The Timbers is one of the Army’s pilot programs for housing single / unaccompanied Senior Enlisted Soldiers (E-6 and above) and Officers on the installation. As the exclusive apartment community at Fort Drum, The Timbers offers single and unaccompanied Soldiers (E-6 and above) and Officers an experience like no other. Until now, no dedicated community existed for this group on Fort Drum. The Timbers provides quality, modern housing options for a growing 10th Mountain Division. For more information visit The Timber's website 

Q: Should I rent an apartment prior to my arrival?

A: We do not recommend that you rent any apartment without viewing it personally.

Q: Can I find an apartment that accepts pets?

A: Finding an apartment that accepts pets can be difficult. Approx 15% of private rentals accept pets and even fewer apartment complexes or hotels/motels. The Inn at Fort Drum does not accept pets. If possible, consider not bringing your pet on your first trip to Fort Drum as the cost of kennels will add to your moving expenses.

Q: Will I be able to get to work in the winter?

A: We do get a lot of snow but the roads are well maintained and commuting is normally not a problem although winter driving requires caution.

Q: Is it expensive to heat my home?

A: The winters here are cold and long so heating costs are high. The most economical heating source is gas followed closely by oil and the most expensive is electricity. The local utility company offers some assistance to help with budgeting your utility bills. The New York State Department of Social Services has a program, HEAP, to provide assistance with heating costs.

Q: If I am renting, how many bedrooms can I have?

A: There is no restriction on the number of bedrooms that you can have in a rental; however, the cost increases with the number of bedrooms. 

Q: Can I break my lease for a Government home?

A: The normal Military Agreement allows a Soldier to terminate a lease for ETS, PCS, or deployment orders only. However, if the lease specifically states that you can terminate for a government home, it is possible. Never accept any verbal changes to a lease. Make sure that all changes are noted on the lease with both parties' signatures. 

Q: What do I do if I have a problem with my landlord?

A: The tenant should always try to work out the problem personally. The Welcome Home Center may be able to provide help when the tenant and landlord cannot agree. Also, there are other agencies that can help. 

Q: How can I rent an apartment if I do not have any money?

A: There are some agencies that may be able to help you with first month’s rent and security deposits. The Welcome Home Center can provide you with information on how to obtain assistance with your security deposit and first month’s rent. Advanced Station Housing Allowance (ASHA) is available to help with needed financing to assist with security deposits. See the Unit S-1 to request ASHA. The Welcome Home Center also offers listings of low- income, affordable and subsidized housing available in the local area. 

Q: Are there schools on post?

A: No, there are no schools on post. Area schools support our education needs.

Q: I have Permissive TDY authorized. Do I need to verify my arrival at Fort Drum?

A:  Yes.  Soldiers with Permissive TDY for house hunting must have DA Forms 31 (leave form) validated at the Army Community Housing Office (A2-54 Clark Hall) during normal business hours.

Q: May I accept housing before my family arrives?

A: Yes, family members must be here within 30 days.

Q: What documents will I need to bring to the Housing Office?

A: You will need a copy of your orders assigning you to Fort Drum, a copy of your DA-31, a copy of your marriage certificate, a copy of birth certificates for all children, court-ordered custody documents for any step-children, or for any children which you and/or your spouse have legal custody. Temporary orders of custody will not be accepted as proof of dependency, nor will guardianship paperwork. You will also be asked to go to the ID Card section and provide a copy of your DEERS enrollment paperwork-ALL dependents MUST be on DEERS, although DEERS will not be the only document needed in cases where custody is an issue. Other documents may be requested on a case by case basis.