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Single Soldier Housing (Barracks)

Single Soldier Inprocessing Packet

Barracks Room Clearing Standards

Single Soldier Housing Barracks Resident Handbook

Facility Leaders Action Guide (FLAG)

Incoming Soldiers:

Room Assignments.

If you are coming to Fort Drum, congratulations! You’ll find it is a great duty assignment...we like to refer to it as the Army’s best kept secret!  The Single Soldier Housing (SSH) staff is here to raise the quality of life for Single Soldiers assigned to Fort Drum.  We are committed to providing well maintained, safe, and clean housing for our Single Soldiers living on Fort Drum.

Who can live in the barracks:

If you are a Single Soldier in the grade of E-5 (SGT) or below, or a dual military Soldier, with a spouse assigned to a different duty station (you will need to provide a copy of your spouse’s ERB), and by regulation are not entitled to collect BAH (Basic Allowance For Housing), you will get an assigned barracks room.  If you are married to another soldier who is assigned to a different duty station and you do not have dependent family members, you are not entitled to BAH and will be issued a barracks room.  If you are recently divorced, you will need to provide a copy of your divorce decree and a DD Form 5960 (Start/Stop/Change BAH form) stamped by finance.   

If you are married (not dual military as listed above) or in the grade of E-6 or above, you cannot live in the barracks.  If you need family housing or rental information, you can go to Fort Drum Mountain Community Homes (the Welcome Home Center) or call 315-955-6644, for assistance.

When you arrive at Fort Drum; and sign in to your unit, they will assign you a transient room.  This is a temporary room for you to stay in until you sign for your permanent room at the SSH office.  The transient room is a unit-controlled room; you will sign for and clear this room through your unit (usually Staff Duty NCO).   As this is a temporary room, please do not move completely in and get comfortable (activating cable/telephone/Wi-Fi); you can do that once you get your permanent room assignment. 

Once you are assigned to your pin-point unit, an NCO sponsor will bring you to the housing office to sign for your permanent room.  Our hours are from 0730-1550 (closed for lunch from 1200-1230).  You must have an NCO sponsor from your unit to verify that we are assigning you to the proper place and to help out with unit specific information on the housing application. 

For your convenience, you can print and complete your housing application packet prior to your visit to the SSH office.


When you come to the SSH office, you will need your ID card to verify eligibility for a barracks room and a completed assignment packet.  You will sign a hand receipt.  SSH staff will provide you with keys, a copy of the hand receipt to verify, a move-in inspection form on which you will annotate damage, and a card with our contact information on it. 

You have one week from the day that you sign for your room to turn in room deficiencies or document anything missing from your hand receipt.  When you are completing your move in inspection worksheet, be sure to inspect the entire room:  flip the mattress, look at all sides; inspect the appliances; inspect furniture.  That sheet is your one opportunity to tell us what is not brand new as you are moving in.  We operate under the “you break it, you buy it” policy, so it’s important that you get this paperwork turned in during the designated time frame to ensure you do not pay for prior existing damage!


Big rules for the barracks:

You cannot smoke in the building.  If you are a smoker, you have to go outside. (As our winters are quite cold, if you are interested in quitting tobacco, you can call Tobacco Cessation Class at 315-772-6404).

Please don’t burn your buildings down.  No candles/combustibles/hot plates/burners etc in the buildings.

Your room is not a maintenance bay, so please do not store car parts/batteries/etc. in the room.  If you need a warm and dry place to work on your vehicle you can contact the Auto Craft Center at 315-772-5785.

Do not tamper with the fire alarms/sprinkler systems/smoke detectors/fire extinguishers in the buildings; they are there for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Some barracks have stove tops; if you have one, use the proper tools to cook with (pots and pans).  Do not have food cooking when you are not in the room/in the shower/going to sleep!  If you don’t know how to cook, the DFAC’s (dining facilities) provide excellent food that is free of charge to meal card holders. 

You are signed for everything in your room.  “if you break it, you buy it…if it comes up missing while you are signed for it…you buy it!” 

Do not change rooms with anyone else, as you are signed for it and responsible for that specific room.

Do not remove any furniture items from the room; you are signed for it and the furniture must remain in the room.

You cannot have pets in the barracks.  No fish, snakes, rats, spiders, dogs, birds, cats, etc…no pets!


What is provided in your room:

Each room has a twin sized bed with mattress; a computer desk and chair; a chest of drawers; microwave and refrigerator.  As we have several different style rooms, some furniture provided will vary but this is the minimum furniture provided for every room.

Linens are not provided.  If purchasing, you need twin size.

Rooms are Wi-Fi and cable ready. Those services are available for purchase.


What is provided in your barracks building:

Each floor of the barracks buildings has a laundry room.  There are several washers and dryers in these laundry rooms that are free of charge for single Soldiers to wash their clothes. 

Notes:  the washing machines are energy efficient.  Please use energy efficient (He) laundry detergent.  If you put too much detergent in the washers it will cause the machine to stop working, and will require maintenance.  This can cause a considerable amount of downtime for the machines, so please ensure you are using the correct amount of energy efficient detergent!

Please do not put TA-50 in the washers/dryers.  Some barracks buildings have mud rooms that can be used to wash off TA-50.  If your TA-50 needs to be washed you can turn it in to the laundry facility at Fort Drum free of charge, 315-772-5243.

The barracks buildings have day rooms on each floor.  These rooms are centrally located in the buildings and are signed for by the unit S-4.  If you cannot gain immediate access to the rooms, please contact your Chain of Command; they are unit controlled rooms.  Day rooms have been furnished with chairs, tables, couches, love seats, a large screen television with cable, and a pool table.

Parking is available for personal owned vehicles (POV’s e.g. trucks, cars, vans, motorcycles).  Please do not park in front of fire hydrants.  Park in the designated parking lots (not on the grass/sidewalk).  Ensure you park in the lines so the parking spaces can be maximized. 

If you are deploying, do not leave your vehicle in the parking lot.  Ensure that your vehicle is stored appropriately.  If you have questions please contact your unit POV custodian.

If you have a recreational vehicle, example: boat, camper, four wheeler, snow mobile, scooter etc. Please contact FMWR parks and recreation at 315-772-5169 for information about their recreational vehicle storage lot.  These recreational vehicles cannot be stored in the barracks parking lots.


Things to know:

If you get locked out of your room, please call your Brigade Staff Duty NCO.  Keyless entry is coming in 2011.  Upon implementation, we will no longer have actual keys; key cards will be used, which will minimize inconveniences during lock outs and cut the cost of key replacements to soldiers.) 

If you lose your key, come to the housing office during the business day, SSH staff will process a statement of charges and provide you a replacement key.  That key will work until the locksmiths change your lock.  At that time you will be issued the new key.  You can get the key at your room, if you are there; at the housing office after 1230; or call the on-call phone 315-772-6668 after hours to get your key.

If you have a work order to report, please call 315-772-6668, you will need to know your building and room number prior to calling.  Please be as specific about the issue as possible so we can take care of the problem correctly.

When calling 315-772-6668 there will be prompts, press 1 to speak with someone in the SSH office.  From there, you will hear the following prompts:

  • Prompt 1 to schedule clearing appointments
  • Prompt 2 to report any maintenance issues
  • Prompt 3 in the event of a lock out
  • Prompt 4 to speak with a customer service representative


When you are leaving Fort Drum:

To clear the barracks: 

To set up an appointment to clear please call 315-772-6668 and select prompt (1) at least 3 business days prior to your final out appointment, or stop in the SSH office and to schedule an appointment.  Please do not wait until last minute to schedule an appointment to clear your room.

Prior to your appointment time your room must be emptied and cleaned.  (If you need to arrange transportation, call 315-772-6384).  Cleaning standards are available on this website and in the office.  If you are in a shared room, the common areas (kitchen, bathroom) must be clean and your assigned bed-space/area must be clean as well.

When the property manager comes to clear you, they will inspect the entire room.  Everything must be clean and empty!  If you are not ready for your appointment the property manager will have you reschedule.  If there is any damage to the room, the property manager will assess the damages and charge you accordingly.  If theproperty manager finds damage you will sign a statement of charges and the charges will come out of your next check.  You will turn over your key and then the property manager will give you a final clearance form to bring to the SSH office in Clark Hall Office.  You will get the stamp on your installation clearance at there.

You must clear your room and report to the SSH office prior to your final out at Fort Drum.


What happens during deployment cycles?

The SSH staff works closely with chains of command throughout the deployment process.  SSH staff will “mass clear” Soldiers who are deploying.  They will come in virtually around the clock based on mission times given from the Unit Command Team, and clear the Soldiers assigned to barracks rooms.  Prior to the mass clears, transportation packs up Single Soldier’s household goods and stores them (free of charge to the Soldier).

When the main unit is deployed, the rear detachment elements are consolidated to a central building or buildings during the deployment period. 

The SSH staff works with the deployed chain of command to determine “who goes where” upon redeployment to Fort Drum, the SSH staff will meet Soldiers at the airfield and assign them rooms as soon as they hit the ground!  SSH staff will accompany those newly redeploying Soldiers to their buildings to ensure that everyone can get into their rooms, are in the right rooms, and assist the Soldiers with any questions/concerns.


What is the First Sergeants Barracks Program?

This program transfers the administrative responsibility of the day-to-day operations of the barracks from the assigned units to the garrison staff.  On Fort Drum, all SSH staff are government employees.  This program removed duties from units that distracted from their combat mission.  The FSBP operation is similar to property management/apartment management, where typical tasks include, but are not limited to:  assignments and terminations of rooms, key management, property accountability, utilization reporting, access to rooms for maintenance, and performing vacant quarters maintenance.

  • On-site management staff
  • On-call for 24/7 operation/emergencies
  • Access to rooms (FSBP maintaining key management responsibilities
  • Health and welfare inspections (working with unit chain of command)
  • Assign leaders transient rooms for inbound/outbound soldiers
  • Coordinate and track maintenance requests

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