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 Cemetery Listings

This is a comprehensive list of the burial plots that have been cataloged by the Directorate of Public Works. We still have more information regarding these markers, including cemetery maps and photographs. If you would like copies of this information, or if you have information to add, please contact Michael Sprowles

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Individual PlotCemeteryFirst NameLast NameDeath Year
GAT001Gates, Plank RoadAronFreeman1,866
GAT002Gates, Plank RoadMarthaCornwall1,883
GAT003Gates, Plank RoadHenryTaylor1,886
GAT004Gates, Plank RoadRoxsanaTaylor1,902
GAT005Gates, Plank RoadTaylor
GAT006aGates, Plank RoadWilliamAnderson1,914
GAT006bGates, Plank RoadElizabethAnderson1,900
GAT007Gates, Plank Road(unknown)(unknown)
GAT008Gates, Plank Road(unknown)(unknown)
GAT009aGates, Plank RoadSanfordCasler1,920
GAT009bGates, Plank RoadAnnaSweet
GAT010Gates, Plank RoadCasler
GAT011Gates, Plank RoadCasler
GAT012aGates, Plank RoadEugenePorter
GAT012bGates, Plank RoadCorneliaPorter1,905
GAT013Gates, Plank RoadPorter
GAT014aGates, Plank RoadMartinPorter1,891
GAT014bGates, Plank RoadJuliaPorter
GAT015Gates, Plank RoadPorter
GAT016aGates, Plank RoadJohnCasler1,911
GAT016bGates, Plank RoadEmilyCasler1,907
GAT017Gates, Plank RoadCasler
GAT018Gates, Plank RoadCasler
GAT019Gates, Plank RoadCasler
GAT020Gates, Plank RoadSmith
GAT021Gates, Plank RoadJSmith1,865
GAT022Gates, Plank RoadEllenSmith1,888
GAT023Gates, Plank RoadAb(i?)Turner1,890
GAT024aGates, Plank RoadJohnSmith1,883
GAT024bGates, Plank RoadGraceSmith1,873
GAT025Gates, Plank RoadSmith
GAT026Gates, Plank RoadSmith
GAT027Gates, Plank RoadAmosSmith1,898
GAT028Gates, Plank RoadSarah JaneSmith1,879
GAT029Gates, Plank RoadSmith
GAT030Gates, Plank RoadGS ( Smith ?)
GAT031aGates, Plank RoadChesterMitchell1,916
GAT031bGates, Plank RoadJulia AMitchell1,920
GAT032Gates, Plank RoadMitchell
GAT033Gates, Plank RoadMitchell
GAT034Gates, Plank RoadMaryMitchell1,927
GAT035Gates, Plank RoadJacobRhubart
GAT036Gates, Plank RoadMary AnnRhubart1,875
GAT037Gates, Plank RoadWilliamRhubart1,885
GAT038Gates, Plank RoadRhubart
GAT039Gates, Plank RoadFrederickRhubart1,878
GAT040Gates, Plank RoadRhubart
GAT041Gates, Plank Road(unknown)
GAT042Gates, Plank Road(unknown)
GAT043Gates, Plank RoadSmith
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