Reporting Status: normal
Wet bulb heat category: White as of 6/30/2015 06:17 AM
Fire danger rating: Blue as of 6/20/2015 09:57 AM

FRG Assistance

 Family Readiness Support Assistant Program

315-774-370710th Mountain Division HHBn
315-774-36221st Brigade Combat Team
315-774-37781-87 IN
315-774-37522-22 IN
315-774-26631-71 CAV
315-774-51323-6 FA
315-774-301310th BSB
315-774-36221st BSTB
315-772-37322nd Brigade Combat Team
315-772-90352-14 IN
315-772-48114-31 IN
315-772-58431-89 CAV
315-772-80862-15 FA
315-772-4120210 BSB
315-772-91662nd BSTB
315-774-30153rd Brigade Combat Team
315-772-26981-32 IN
315-774-26983-71 CAV
315-772-2698710 BSB
315-772-92862-87 IN
315-772-92864-25 FA
315-774-110410th Aviation Brigade
315-774-1061TF Tigershark (1-10)
315-774-1061TF Knighthawk (2-10)
315-774-1065TF Phoenix (3-10)
315-774-1104TF Eagle (277)
315-774-1065TF (6-6)
315-772-065210th SBTB
315-772-065210th Sustainment Brigade
315-772-077191st MP
315-774-01117th Engineers
315-774-011163rd EOD
315-772-69723-85 MTN IN (WTU)
315-772-32111st Army 174th IN

Family Readiness Assistance Program (FRSA)

The Family Readiness Support Assistants are here to assist the FRG Leaders in supporting their FRG Program.